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Why I've Become Bored Of Blogging

She's So Lucy - Why I've Become Bored of Blogging

I've been reading blogs every single day, without fail, since I was about 15/16 years old - nearly 6 or 7 years now! Fashion and beauty blogs were what first captured my attention, with the likes of LLYMLRS and Zoella et al whose blogs I would read inside and out to procrastinate from homework and important teenage girl things.

Then I fell down the rabbit hole of YouTube, mainly beauty, with FleurDeForce and old school Tanya Burr being channels I chose to watch instead of TV.

As I got older and my passion for all things food, health and lifestyle grew, I discovered an abundance of healthy lifestyle, fitness and foodie bloggers who I absolutely adore.
For the past few years, I've continued to follow hundreds of different bloggers. The first site I'd check once I came home from uni or work would always be Bloglovin' and I would spend hours watching the latest YouTube videos.

However, it's only been in the last 6 months or so that my love of reading blogs has begun to diminish. Maybe it's the fact that after a long full day's work, I just don't want to stare at a screen and find out how much more fabulous some else's life is than mine. In August I started an exciting new office job, where I'm working from three screens. By the time I get home, my eyes hurt and I want rest. Then the weekend rolls over and I just want to enjoy myself or make the most of my time off.

But I don't just think it's that. I've become really, really bored of reading blogs. Don't get me wrong, there are still a good handful who I will happily read whenever I get the chance to hit up Bloglovin'. However it's overwhelming how much of an oversaturated market the blogging world is. It's full of (mostly) young, twentysomething women who all want to have the biggest piece of the cake as possible, but there's only so much to go around.

When I do check out my Bloglovin' feed, it's the same old same old that I see. None of it inspires me and it all looks the same, and I think we need to acknowledge this. This is a creative industry, and I don't see enough creativity. Of course, I'm sure if you take a glance back at some of my posts (or even my blog, *insert-upside-down-smiley-emoji*), there have definitely been times I haven't been creative enough, and that's perhaps down to me pressurising myself to get content out - anything will do.

I had to stop reading blogs for a while because I was sick of the fa├žade that was being painted. We're all guilty of making our lives seem so much better than it is, and that's the power of social media. However, the whole charm of blogging in the first place was the 'realness' of the people behind the blog and the content that they were sharing online. Seeing a girl the same age as you in her current go-to outfit fresh of the high street; or the girl in her bedroom showing you how to get your make up like Lauren Conrad's; or the young woman in her kitchen sharing her favourite post-workout smoothie. Now, it all feels fake.

Working in the digital marketing industry, all I'm hearing and seeing is how influencers (ick, me too...) will dominate 2017. If you weren't already sick of blogger x brand collaborations, it's about to get a whole lot bigger. But this is another part of the issue. It's now a big money making, marketing and PR gimmick. Whilst it's absolutely incredible that people can earn a living through blogging (and I totally applaud those of you who do), one of the easiest ways they can do this is through sponsored posts and paid for advertorials. However readers are smart and the 'casual' ad drop ins just aren't good enough. Blogging is losing its authenticity. Creativity isn't being stretched enough, the collaborations aren't smart enough, and the voice is not authentic enough.
Fun fact, I wrote my dissertation about the authenticity of Britney's image and bloody loved it, and I bloody love writing about authenticity now too!

So from this blog break, I feel refreshed and feel I'm seeing things with a new perspective. If you're reading and you're a blogger, I want you to really stretch your abilities and your voice. Be smarter with your brand collaborations - we've all been guilty of saying yes to something that probably doesn't suit our blog, nor our readers tastes.
Play around with your photography and images and bring something fresh to the table - this is something I really want to challenge myself on.
Produce content you really want to read. Seriously. You. Stop thinking about what's going to pull the numbers in. Just think whether what you're putting out there is really what would make you stop what you're doing and read it yourself.
Start being more authentic.

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