Friday, 28 October 2016

My Favourite Ways To Keep Fit Working 9-5

Ok... we have GOT to stop seeing each other once a month! Since starting my new job, TIME IS JUST FLYING BY. Whilst I'm working away at my new desk all day long, the one thing that is always on my mind is when am I going to get back to blogging? Seriously. And for the majority of my first month there, it was also when am I going to get back to the gym?
It's funny how before, I was working shifts and struggled to find the time (and motivation really) to get fit and kick my arse to the gym, but now I work the 9-5 life? Why is it so difficult?! I thought it'd be easier!

I say it's difficult but really, over the last month I've discovered a few tricks to ease myself back into a fitness routine.
It's easy to be consumed by the everyday 9-5 work life, especially if you're having to commute first thing in the morning and you don't get home till late. And it's even easier to just slump down onto the sofa and spend your evening in front of the TV because you're too exhausted to do anything else.
I've really made an effort to sort my fitness routine out again and have found some pretty nifty ways to get a little fitter again - and guess what? They're easy!

Office Yoga (yes, really!)
OK, don't worry, I'm not necessarily telling you to roll out your yoga mat in the middle of the office and start perfecting your Sun Salutations and Downward Dog. I mean, you can but, it might look a little weird! You know those office chairs you sit at that are supposed to support your back and neck whilst your staring at multiple screens for 8 hours straight on a daily basis? They never really do feel like they're doing much for your posture, and I've certainly found myself leaving work for the day, feeling achey with a seriously sore neck. Well, office yoga is perfect if you find yourself feeling achey and stiff every day. All you need is your to sit at your chair and perform a series of easy moves and stretches to keep your posture in check. And don't worry - the moves aren't so weird that half the office is going to be staring at you strangely!

Get a couple of your colleagues together at lunch and just stretch it out - it'll feel better doing it all together, and if people stare, they're not staring just at you! Your boss will be happy too as doing yoga is proven to improve productivity - especially at work! There's this fab little infographic which is perfect to keep on your phone for some midday inspiration, or there's a great video to see the moves in action (the guy's facial expressions make it!). And if your office chairs really are causing you pain, give your boss a little nudge this way to Furniture at Work's office desks and chairs*...!

Take lunch outside
It's easy to feel like you need to sit behind your desk all day to respond to never ending emails or meet those deadlines. When it comes to lunchtime though, get outside. Either take a packed lunch to eat whilst out and about or pop to your favourite eatery, grab a little summin' summin' and just go for a walk. The fresh air will do wonders for your mind, and you're moving your body so that's always a perk! Instead of slumping yourself behind a computer screen all day, make the choice to get up and move when the opportunity is there!

Go to the gym earlier or later
I stupidly made the decision to attempt to go to the gym at about 5.30pm in my third week into the job. I shouldn't have been shocked but I really was. In fact I stormed home in a strop! Lesson learnt. Whilst I can't get to the gym first thing in the morning (I would if I could!), I cannot recommend enough hitting the gym later on in the evening. 8pm is the perfect time for me and there's only a handful of people there too so you can actually use the equipment! I find it helps me sleep better too, as I'm so exhausted from a full day of work and I've worn myself out at the gym so I'm hitting the sack much earlier too. Yay!

Get to class
Firstly, I find that if you work in a part of a city where there are office blocks everywhere, you'll find for every five office blocks, there's a gym nearby. Seriously, they're everywhere! On the days when you don't feel like wondering out for a lunchtime stroll, try a lunchtime class. So many gyms do them, and often they're a 30-45 minute high intensity workout like spin or HIIT training. It might feel a little gross returning to the office bright red and super sweaty but again - make the most of your time and use it wisely! If you've got an hours lunch break, use it! It'll seriously wake your brain up too, perfect if you have any afternoon meetings you need to stay alert for!

What do you do to keep fit whilst working 9-5? Have you ever tried office yoga before?

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