Tuesday, 12 July 2016

The Skin Diaries #7

She's So Lucy The Skin Diaries #7

Nature has well and truly taken its toll on my skin this month, with hay fever very kindly leaving me with a nasty bout of eczema all over my eyelids, under my eyes and all over my neck and jaw. Yeah, I've absolutely loved my face this month! It's taught me to be gentler with my skin and to just really nourish it, both internally and externally and accept that when things like this happens, the best thing you can do for your skin is to just let it breathe.

As I've mentioned above, I've been a little gentler with my skin this month and really upped the hydration in my skincare. I repurchased The Body Shop Camomile Silky Cleansing Oil which is just the loveliest cleansing oil for removing make-up, and also picked up their Camomile Gentle Eye Make Up Remover, just so there would be know harsh rubbing at my eyes. I simply soak two cotton pads with the eye make up remover and let them sit over my eyes for 10-20 seconds and vamoosh, be gone eye make up!

My absolute favourite find this month has been the Aurelia Cell Repair Night Oil, which is simply the dreamiest, gentlest but most powerful serum/oil I've used. When you apply it and you're inhaling (as per the instructions) the herbal aromas, you don't really think this is going to do a great deal but the next morning I look in the mirror like 'hiya glowing skin!'. It's beautiful. Regardless of your skin type, though perhaps avoid if you're super sensitive, it just hydrates, calms, cleanses and promises the most gorgeous glowing skin. My face is so soft! SO pricey but I can see this lasting a long time and my skin eating it up.

Also loving the Pixi Nourishing Face Mask which, again, gives gorgeous glowing skin - just what the Doctor ordered. In a bid to sort this strange eye eczema out, I picked up the Kiehl's Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado which is lovely and did do something, but obviously wasn't enough to bid farewell to scaly red eye. If you suffer from dry skin around your eyes, this will sort you out and only a tiny bit is needed.

You know they say you are what you eat? Well with all the strawberries I've been eating I've definitely seen my face transform into a strawberry! Ha, I jest. In all honesty, my diet hasn't been too bad. Sure there's been the odd carb heavy day but it's been relatively 'clean' (ick) with the odd treat thrown in here and there. This month has taught me that sometimes your diet can be super clean but lifestyle factors can seriously impact how your skin is behaving...
I will mention though that I've reintroduced supplements back into my diet for an added boost so a probation on an empty stomach first thing and then Vitamin D3, Zinc and a Spearmint capsule post breakfast. Supplements tend to take a while to notice a difference from so I'm determined to keep on top of my intake and hopefully will see results soon.

Water Intake
Maaaaybe I've slacked a little this month but I'm keeping on top of my morning ginormous glass of water before ANYTHING. It sounds lame but I'm genuinely thinking of downloading one of those apps that reminds you to drink water, even though that seems totally ridiculous, I'm keen to try it to see if it helps at all. Has anyone tried it?

Now this is definitely helping. After a little blip with exercise, I'm getting into a real habit of going at least two-three times a week, and pushing myself to make this four times. In all honesty, whilst going to classes is great, I only attended so I'd regain some confidence. Now I'm feeling totally comfortable doing my own thing in the main gym and don't care if people are staring at my sweaty red face or not!  I've really been pushing myself with both cardio and weights, and LOVE leaving with my face looking bright red! My forehead has been looking particularly clear and this is probably because of all the blood that's pumping around my face and boosting my circulation. So for the first time in my Skin Diaries journey, YES, I am seeing a difference to my skin from exercise.

I've been feeling pretty stressed this month, particularly as work has been full on and considering I haven't had a break since January (this is my first week off since January, hallelujah), I've just been exhausted too. So any blemishes I've had have been on my cheeks or jaw line, with some persistent cystic acne on my jawline that has just been sitting there for weeks. I tend to get angry, cystic acne when I'm particularly hormonal (check), my diet has been full of sugar (not check this month), or when I'm seriously stressed (check).
I also don't think this bout of eczema has helped with my stress levels too and was probably brought on from that too. So on my week off I'm taking things slowly, letting myself have an extra half an hour of sleep and giving myself some time to chill out! I'm hoping when I return to work I'll look a little more well rested and my skin will hopefully thank me for that too.


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