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Feel Good Beauty: Getting Summer Ready

She's So Lucy Wilkinson Sword Hydro Silk Razor Review Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick Venezia Colab Dry Shampoo Monaco White Company Seychelles Show Gel
One of the reasons I have such an obsession with beauty is because it is such a big confidence booster, and I love trying out new products and sharing said products and tips to help others feel more confident and happy with their appearance.
Whilst I love a good foundation and concealer that conceals any skin woes I may be having such as blemishes, enlarged pores and so on, I don't use it just as something to cover up my skin. I use these products to make myself feel better within myself most days, and to enhance parts of my appearance that I think, actually, yeah, I have nice eyes and good cheekbones. You know?

Anyway, what with Summer literally on our doorstep, I wanted to share with you the products I can't get enough of lately because they simply make me feel good and make me feel like I'm ready to lap myself up in the summer sun.

Currently I'm absolutely obsessed with the CoLab Sheer + Invisible Dry Shampoo Monaco. I apply this before I go to bed to prevent random greasy roots the following morning, or before I go to the gym I spritz a bit of this in my roots to keep my hair looking super fresh post workout. I can deal with a read sweaty face post-gym but combined with greasy hair is a no-no! The reason I apply this before bed/a workout is because the natural oils your scalp releases during these periods will get absorbed by CoLab to keep your hair looking fresh, meaning fewer hair washes a week too. Bonus. Plus, it smells just like a sexy holiday in the Mediterranean and I've got this dinky bottle which is perfect for popping in my handbag on the go. Winner, winner.

I've never tried the highly coveted Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick, however I've had my eye on this particular colour for months, ever since Kate from Kate La Vie showed off the lipstick in the shade Venezia. It's the perfect bright, watermelon-y pink that's actually flattering and I can't wait to show this off with a tan over the next few summer months. This instantly perks me up and brightens up my complexion, even when I'm having a bad skin day. It smells/tastes delicious and vanilla-y, goes on really easy and the applicator is nice and precise. It dries down matte but I apply, blot, apply again and sort of dab it into my lips - oh and it lasts all damn day. Seriously. A must have for your Summer make-up bag.

Next up is the new Wilkinson Sword for Women Hydro Silk Razor*, which hands down is the best razor I've used. Bold claim but it really catches all the little hairs and leaves you with silky smooth legs that you just can't stop touching! It's infused with a water-activated serum that contains shea butter and marine extracts and simply glides over your skin. It's that time of year when everyone starts getting their legs out and usually I don't feel confident to do this but I've bought so many pretty dresses lately that, you know what? I'm totally going to love wearing as I feel so much more confident with hydrated, smooth legs! Also, I tend to get mega itchy legs the day after I've shaved my legs but I had no irritation whatsoever the day after using this. *Inserts-applauding-emoji*

Finally, whilst I have no current plans to go away this summer, I instantly feel like I'm at a luxury resort on an exotic island somewhere when I use The White Company's Seychelles Bath & Shower Gel. Oh GOD, this just smells divine and I want to slather myself in its scent all day! If anyone from The White Company is somehow reading this, please make a perfume! I'd honestly never buy another fragrance ever again. The bergamot, orange, amber, coconut, vanilla and almond notes are just heavenly and I cannot recommend this gorgeous bath and shower gel enough! I even purchased the diffuser the other week so my home constantly smells of Seychelles... ! I've also noticed certain products in the Seychelles range are 20% off at the moment, so stock up!

What are your go-to feel good beauty products? What's your must have Summer product? Have you tried any of the products mentioned?

*PR Sample

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