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2016 Goals: Revisited

At the beginning of the year, I had some very clear goals and ideas set in stone in my mind that I wrote down in my little planner and had every ounce of motivation to ensure every single one of these goals came true this year. Now that we're at the beginning of April, I figured now would be a good time to share and update you all on said goals, why some have/haven't gone to plan and what I have done and will do differently to continue throughout the rest of the year. My goals were split up so they progress every three months so taking a quick glance at these goals and knowing how everything is now, is quite interesting! Ready?

This is the biggie. The one that 100% WILL be achieved by the end of 2016! Last year, and the three years before that, I worked my bottom off and ended up chucking all eggs in one basket during my final year at Uni. I took on so much extra in my part time job, it was assignment after assignment, and dissertation central, and I'd launched my blog and was constantly planning and creating content at any chance I got. All alongside living. Come July 2016 and boom, I felt flat out defeated and didn't really know where to turn. You can read all about my mini meltdown here.

Whilst my current working situation is something to keep me going, pay the bills yada yada, I know I want more and deserve more. I'll admit my future vision of myself can get a little hazy as new opportunities or disappointments have me questioning what it is I want to do, but I am beyond determined to begin a new chapter in my life and find something that will kick start my future *successful* career. 

So, I sorted my CV and spoke to the careers team at my old University, tick.
I've been actively seeking out new opportunities and applying, tick.

There's been an opportunity that I'm still not sure what's happening with. 
But my main goal for the first three months of this year was to have found something new by March. Which whilst I can understand my ambition and eagerness for this goal, I think I was being a little too ambitious. Typical Aries. For the next three months I'm setting myself a goal of gathering confidence to seek out new opportunities and actually contact people about these opportunities, and to also find a set day/hour to sit down and call people or apply for opportunities. And to stop bloody comparing myself to others. Just because you aren't at he top of your game just yet, doesn't mean you won't get there. Everyone is different and it takes some people longer than others for things to fall in place for.

For a seriously bizarre reason, I have a fear of opening up a savings account. I know, somethings not quite right there. My goal financially was to have finally started up an ISA and chuck a tonne of money in there and to have saved X amount of money by the end of March. The saving has happened, just not in the right account! I'm pleased that I've also been regularly checking up on my money, rather than just ignoring it and hoping for the best when I did eventually take a peek! So trust me, end of April, I'll be saving away properly and things will be looking fab. 

In the next three months however, I want to be making a monthly spreadsheet to sort out where my money is going and should be going...! Hopefully this will mean less frivolous, mindless spending and more smart, you-got-this-girl saving. 

So obviously, post Christmas everyones goal is to be half a stone lighter, bossing it at the gym and pretty much rivalling Deliciously Ella in the health stakes. This year I desperately wanted to get back to the gym (which meant joining a gym), significantly reducing my sugar intake and to begin a food diary. 
Joining a gym, tick.
Reducing sugar intake, lets not go there.
Food diary, needs improving.

The first month of returning to the gym was FAB. To get me back in the swing of things, it was only classes I attended. Body Balance is my fave, even if I have to drag myself out of bed at 6.30am to go to it, but it makes me feel SO good from doing it. Body Pump has also been fab, even if in the last 20 minutes every muscle in my body is screaming at me and refusing to let me do a single thing! 

Throughout March, I think I only managed to go twice due to work being so hectic and also other elements of life just got in the way. To prevent this happening again though, I'm planning on heading down to the gym in the next day or two, asking one of the trainers to help me set up a programme of some sort and then I'll be able to be a little more flexible with my workouts, rather than relying on rigid classes. Mission get-Rosie-Huntington-Whitely's-legs is a go so see you beginning of July to reveal all ; )

I also think because of work and other parts of life getting in the way and taking up so much time and energy, I haven't been able to put enough time and effort into making my own lower sugar, healthier snacks and treats and meals. Post birthday and Easter, I don't even know where to start with how much chocolate I've got at home! Someone take it all away! 
My body is craving anything green and vegetable based right now but my plan for the next three months isn't to just think, 'right, see ya later sugar' but to just work on the balance in my diet and lifestyle. I do really want to have a decent food diary to write in daily to work out what times of the day I fall down, or to analyse how I ate made me feel that day. So, we'll see.

I was pretty quiet throughout March, you may have noticed. Again, this was down to work taking over every single day, and other things in life also taking priority and I really kinda hate that! 
My main goals were to post twice a week, tick, to an extent (lets ignore March)
To post 3 times a week on Instagram, tick, I think!
To organise a proper social and blogging schedule by the end of March, err, no.

My blog plans seem very heavily focused on assuming I'll have content regardless to upload, which unfortunately isn't always the case. We all have writers block and creativity block from time to time, and we all have creativity block too. So what I need to focus on now is setting myself a day each week or a few hours daily to sit at my desk and gather ideas, take photographs, write things up, edit and so on. Ideally, soon I'll always be a week or two ahead of my blogging schedule and will have a backlog of posts I'm genuinely passionate about, waiting to be uploaded. 

I've also never really given myself a proper space to work, most of my posts have been written slouched on the sofa with YouTube or some TV on in the background! Over the weekend, James and I had a big 'Spring Clean' of the flat and I completely cleared 'his' desk to now make it my blogging space. I've certainly felt so much more productive sitting at a  desk to create posts so fingers crossed this is a positive step!

So that's my 2016 goals revisited, and it's a mixed bag. What I need to remember is that we have now only had three months of 2016. The year is not over yet, a lot more is still to come and a lot more can happen. Something I'm always guilty of is putting so much pressure on myself as I have such high standards of what I want to achieve. Everything needs to be taken one step at a time and as long as you persevere and remain passionate and don't let disappointments set you off track, you will get there. 

Did you set yourself any goals for 2016? How are they going so far?

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