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The Skin Diaries #1

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One of the reasons I originally set out to make my blog was to use it as a platform for sharing revelations I've had with my temperamental skin, in order to help those of you out there who deal with similar issues. I've had issues with my skin for a good chunk of my life (I was eight when pesky blemishes began to appear, and I'm almost 22...!).

I've wanted to make a little blogging 'series' (fancy) like this one I'm commencing today for quite some time. There is so much that goes into the way your skin appears and I'm on a mission to document a variety of these aspects in order to work out and share with you, what is and isn't working. PCOS is an unfortunate factor that will need to be considered, however the main areas I will be focusing on are skincare, diet, water intake, exercise and lifestyle. In turn, I hope that for those of you with similar issues may even feel encouraged to make suitable adjustments to your own lives in a bid to banish your skincare problems! Sound good? This is going to be a monthly series, so at the beginning of each month I'll review the last month and then any changes I'm hoping to make...

Before I begin, I'll just clarify what my skin is like so you have some sort of an idea as to why I want to share this with you. I have very oily skin that can become a little combination at times, and dehydrated too. Due to hormonal reasons, I do have acne prone skin, and am blessed with hormonal cystic acne on my chin at times. My pores on my nose are rather clogged with excess sebum (lovely), and has been that way since I was eight years old.

I'm still in the same rotation of products I shared in my 'skin saving products' post, but am noticing that I could benefit from getting back into the habit of using a face mask. The ones I currently have to hand are both by Origins, the Clear Improvements Active Charcoal Mask and the Out of Trouble Mask. I'm not having too many issues with blemishes at the moment but knowing how chocolate heavy my diet's been lately, I'm sure some beautiful breakouts are due in the next week! So for that, I tend to 'multi-mask' with the Clear Improvements mostly everywhere, and the Out Of Trouble on any blemish central areas on my face. My Aurelia Cell Revitalise Day Moisturiser is coming to an end so I've ordered a different replacement that I'll share with you next month. I'll be interested to see if the lack of probiotic infused skincare will affect my skin!

I'm one of those people who, after Christmas when there's always tonnes of chocolate leftover, I just have to eat it all throughout January before I get full speed ahead with a healthier diet! To balance things out however, my diet has mostly been pretty damn good, and I've even been preparing lunches (my Goddess bowls) to take with me to work. There have been green smoothies for breakfast, eggs for breakfast, vegetable based dinners... so so far, so good and I think that's helping my skin remain looking pretty alright. I am aiming to seriously reduce my sugar intake in the next few weeks, as it has a huge effect upon my skin and hormones.

Water Intake
I won't lie, my water intake lately hasn't been fantastic. I used to be brilliant at drinking two litres plus daily, but in the past year really, it's been pants. Even though my skin is predominantly oily, regardless it is so imperative to keep hydrated. Because I use the Aesop Oil Free Hydrating Serum, I think that's helped with topical hydration, however I do feel a bit sluggish and fatigued and strongly believe the lack of water has something to do with that. I'm thinking of downloading one of those apps to remind me to drink water (silly, I know but I've heard they're brilliant) so if I do, fingers crossed I can share the results with you!

I'm laying off re-joining the gym until February as I want the post-Christmas, New Year, New Me, gym fuelled resolution joiners to die down a little as I can imagine the gyms are heaving right now! That doesn't mean I don't need to do any exercise but I'm planning on going for a run for the first time in two years over the weekend, and I'm sincerely hoping exercise is going to make a difference to my skin, and of course body and wellbeing! 

The past few months were really rather stressful and I certainly saw the effects of that in my skin. As I've been feeling rather chilled out and relaxed post-Christmas, this has meant stress free skin. However, I've been seriously struggling to get to sleep past 1am for the past week or so (thanks to James's beautiful snoring - I'm not impressed), and I'm feeling my skin is a little tired, plus the bags under my eyes are pretty prominent. Sleep is something I also want to work on improving, both for hormonal and wellbeing reasons, but also for my skin too.

Next month in the next edition of The Skin Diaries, I'll hopefully have some more detailed results. I hope this is a series you're interested in reading, and I hope it actually helps some of you too! 

Have you ever kept a skin diary? Have you ever tried a water reminder app, and if yes, was it useful? How are you finding your skin post-Christmas? 


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