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Supplements: Your Go To Guide

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It's always a little tricky to fall back into your healthier way of eating after stuffing your face full of roast potatoes, giant Toblerone (guilty) and chocolate truffles. There's always left over chocolates lying around and you end up falling into the mantra that "if I just eat it all now, I'll start eating better in a few weeks instead" (again, guilty!). Something I find just helps my body to re-balance and get in a few more nutrients is with supplements. Although the best way to get your nutrients is obviously from fresh, whole foods, sometimes we all just need a little boost of vitamins and minerals so our bodies can still function well. Also, I often find taking supplements ultimately leads me to making healthier diet choices much sooner than if I just kept promising myself "tomorrow I'll be better!".

We all have different needs when it comes to taking supplements, so for example, I take supplements that will help balance hormones for my PCOS and skin. However, you may have certain health concerns that you need some help with, so it's well worth doing some thorough research as to what vitamins and supplements may aid with those. As I'm not a health care professional, I must recommend speaking to your GP if you wish to take supplements, just so they can advise you on any further information.

Multivitamins A multivitamin is always a good place to start, especially if you're unwell or have been feeling a little under the weather. This combines all essential vitamins in one little pill that you can take daily with your breakfast, to ensure your body gets at least a little boost of goodness daily! I received this Viridian High Five Multivitamin & Mineral Formula in a Get The Gloss box, which combines Vitamin B5, C, D, E, carotenoids, B-complex, Selenium, Chromium, Iron and Zinc in one little Vegan, Kosher friendly pill. If you're going to take anything, make it a multivitamin.

Vitamin D One thing that we all do not get enough of is Vitamin D, and the D3 variation is the best source to take. The best way to get Vitamin D is to spend some time outside, under the Sun, however it's difficult as we also need to protect our skin from the Sun too! I don't recommend seeking out a dodgy bottle of Sunny D-Light, but a little pill a day will at least be somewhere to start. I'm a Spring baby and love the sunnier months and a brighter climate, which isn't great considering England gets a week of sunshine a year and that's the lot! In the colder, Wintry months I find my mood gets pretty down so Vitamin D is essential to perk me up a bit.
Swanson High Potency Vitamin D3

Probiotics Probiotics and skincare seem to be the talk of many the beauty and wellness columns right now, particularly with brands like Aurelia infusing probiotics into their skincare. Your skin is said to reflect your gut so gut health is a big priority for me this year. You can't go wrong with the classic OptiBac Probiotics which aids in balancing your gut out with healthy bacteria. They even offer probiotics For Travelling Abroad* which is worth taking during the Winter months for an extra boost of fibre after one too many Christmas dinners! If you suffer from IBS or get stressed easily, it's well worth taking a probiotic daily for better digestive health and general well being.
OptiBac Probiotics For Every Day*

Spearmint This may seem like a strange supplement, but I can totally recommend this for anyone with skincare issues, or hormonal/PCOS issues. Spearmint tea will do the trick but it can actually be a little tricky to find, so I picked up some supplements instead which has totally started working wonders on my hormonal acne and PCOS symptoms. Spearmint is an anti-androgen meaning it counteracts the number of male hormones in the body (woohoo!), and it even can reduce the amount of sebum your skin produces meaning goodbye clogged pores and oily skin. This is definitely a very specific supplement to myself but one I can highly recommend to any of you with similar issues to me.
Swanson Full Spectrum Spearmint Leaf

Chromium If you're struggling to re-adjust your taste buds from a mega sweet tooth after all of the festive chocolates, chromium is a good place to start. This isn't one to take if you're insulin resistant, but if you have an overtly sweet tooth, taking chromium can reduce those carry, sugary cravings. Again, it's a brilliant one for those of you with hormonal imbalances.
Swanson Chromium Picolinate

Zinc For any acne sufferers, one thing we all tend to have in common is a slight zinc deficiency - fun fact of the day. Zinc helps with cell repair and cell growth, meaning a better chance at achieving clearer skin in no time. It's also thought to carry Vitamin A through your body to balance your hormones too. Zinc's a great supplement to take if you feel sluggish, fatigued, tend to get colds a lot at this time of the year, start taking zinc.
Swanson Zinc

I also need to give a little shoutout to the Inner Me Nutrition Essential Three supplements, again found in a brilliant Get The Gloss box. These contain three essential supplements we all need for daily living, with three supplements in a handy strip that you can pop in your bag on your way to school/college/Uni/work. It contains Vitamin D3 (!), Probiotic Lactospore and High Strength Omega 3 which is an essential fatty acid to keep your hair, skin, nails, heart and head healthy and happy. As with the multivitamin, this too is also a great place to start off.

Do you take any supplements? Are there any that you'd recommend? Which do you believe is better - getting nutrients from food or supplements? How are you finding returning to normal life after festive feasts? 

*PR Sample - Thank you to CCD PR for supplying me with the OptiBac goodies!


  1. Great tips - I started taking a zinc and vitamin D supplement a few months ago and hope that they are helping me get through the winter months! x

  2. Amazing post Lucy! I'm going to check these out. I was deficency in B12, iron and folic acid for most of last year and couldn't seem to absorb it and didn't realise how rubbish I really felt until my bloods were back to normal. I used to swear by peppermint capsules when I suffered from bad period pain - they worked miracles but didn't think of the spearmint ones for skin :) x


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