Thursday, 21 January 2016

Loves Lately #2

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Well it all gets a little awkward when you look through your blog archive for any posts under the title 'Loves Lately' and find the last post was almost a year ago *insert hiding monkey emoji*.
I quite enjoy reading similar blog posts from other bloggers, as often there's something featured that I sendup lusting after something mentioned or I'm introduced to something exciting and new. So who isn't up for that?!

'L' Initial Mug
I was very lucky to receive this lovely little mug for Christmas and I've used it pretty much every day since. It feels like such a personal item as it means whenever anyone comes around this is strictly off limits to them! Unfortunately it doesn't quite fit in my Nespresso machine (perhaps a good thing because hello caffeine) but it's perfect for tea. I'm enjoying a lovely mugful of Pukka Three Mint tea from it right now...

Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturising Gel
Clinique is a brand I've never really explored, mainly after being put off the brand when I was younger with their 'Three-Step' skincare regime that promised to rid acne. Those sort of packages have always been bad news for me! I needed a new moisturiser and fancied trying something totally different that would offer good hydration yet still be light. My skin seems to be really enjoying this at the moment and it hasn't felt 'too much' for my skin. I'm not a big fan of the pump packaging - a moisturiser doesn't feel like a moisturiser unless it's in a pot to me! It's one of my biggest gripes that skincare companies package moisturisers as 'gels' and in dispenser form. Sort it out, please!

Green smoothies
Whether it's my body calling out for greens after too much sugar over Christmas or not, I've been drinking plenty of green smoothies since the New Year. I'm really enjoying more 'veg' based smoothies with parsley or mint thrown in for a refreshing, clean flavour. The one above is from my favourite local healthy eatery, Beyond The Kale and is referred to as 'The Purifier' which I must agree is a very suitable name!

Copper Measuring Cups
You know you have a good boyfriend when they pick something you've been wanting for months with no hints needed as a Christmas gift! I adore these little copper baking cups and they've got me more inspired to bake some healthier treats for James and I. My banana, peanut butter and chocolate muffins went down a real treat with James - I made them on Sunday and it's Wednesday as I write this with just two left in the tub! I'm sure these will feature plenty of time in some baking posts soon.

Salted Almond Butter Cups
I posted these last week and they've been the perfect little pick-me-up for when I'm craving something chocolate-y or a little treat. They're portable, filling and pretty damn good for you. The full 'recipe' (if you can call melting chocolate and sandwiching almond butter between a recipe) is available here.

Anna Jones - A Modern Way To Cook
A week or two before Christmas, my Mum e-mailed me asking for some last minute Christmas gift wishes. I took a browse of my Amazon 'save for later' folder and found this and sent her the link willy-nilly. Little did I realise that this would end up one of my most used cookbooks ever, let alone most used in 2016! It's actually a vegetarian cookbook which you don't really realise until you're well over halfway through the book and do a double take. The Smoky Pepper and White Bean Quesadillas are delicious - when asked what the meat was in this, I told James it was a surprise. 15 minutes later, his plate totally clean he asked what the meat was again and was pleasantly surprised when I told him there wasn't any! Success. There are so many recipes in this that I know I'll make for years to come. It's a beautiful book, refreshing and well written so if you're after something new, different and not 'in your face healthy', try this.

What have you been loving lately? Do you have any new finds from January you'd care to share? Have you tried Anna Jones' book?

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