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Why It's Time To Switch To Natural Beauty & FREE Detox Face Mask Recipe

She's So Lucy Cat Food Is Good For You Complete Natural Beauty Guide Wheatgrass Face Mask Homemade Recipe

Sometimes when you're a bit of a beauty junkie, all you'r ever interested in is what's new, what is every other blogger raving about right now, pretty packaging, and so on. It's very easy to get carried away in the beauty world. I confess, I regularly browse the 'New In' section on various beauty based websites, and I'm guilty of splashing a bit too much cash on beauty bits.

Upon my quest for better health over the past few years, it's become a natural habit to thoroughly read the labels of the food I buy from the supermarket, from the nutritional value to the ingredients list. Alongside this quest for good health, a large chunk of that has been driven by my desire to balance my hormones and skin. However, sometimes, no matter how great your diet, your skin can still be all over the place and I'm starting realise this may be down to some of the products I'm using on my face. I'm becoming more and more aware of non-comodogenic make-up products (they don't block your pores and cause break outs), and thanks to the wonder woman that is Caroline Hirons, I'm do my best to avoid particular ingredients.

However, since I've been blogging over the past year, I've discovered some awesome bloggers who focus on 'green beauty' and natural beauty. One of my favourites has to be Cat from Cat Food Is Good For You ("...And the award for the best blog name EVER is......!"). Cat and I are rather similar, and have both discovered a healthier way of living having become trapped in an unhealthy way of living and unhealthy attitude towards food once upon a time... Anyway, quite frankly she's slipping fab, and reading her blog is basically like you've got your best friend there with you, having a good chat. She offers great, no-nonsense, straight to the point anecdotes of healthy living and you just feel like you can totally trust her. So basically, lets all just go and stalk her blog now, yes?

She's recently launched her awesome new eBook, The Complete Natural Beauty Guide For Healthy Skin, which I was thrilled to get my (*virtual*) hands on. It came at the perfect time - I really just felt I needed something to really introduce me to what natural beauty is all about, what ingredients to avoid and why, supplements to take, and some classic, natural beauty 'recipes' to add to your repertoire. The good news is The Complete Natural Beauty Guide... contains ALL of this. The great news is, it's all bloody brilliant! What's great is that it's not full of dermatology jargon that is quite difficult to understand for many people, and in fact, Cat has written the guide through her own personal experiences and research. Like Cat, I too grew up with no understanding of how to care for your skin, and the skincare available for teen skin was just horrible to use.

Now that we live in an age  where information about skincare and natural beauty is in an abundance, it really is worth switching your beauty products to simpler, natural ingredients. There are thousands of cleansers and moisturisers out there that are just full of all sorts of rubbish such as SLES, BHT and PEGs, and quelle surprise, these products cost a bomb. Switching to natural beauty products is far cheaper, and what's brilliant is that you actually know exactly what is going onto your face (just like you do with food and your body!)
Cat very kindly has offered you fab SSL readers a very generous 15% off code when you purchase The Complete Natural Beauty Guide... Just a little bit amazing! Just simply pop in the code 'LUCY15'  and it'll be all yours. Plus, you get some fab print out & keep bits and pieces, such as Base & Essential Oil Guides (keep them in your purse!), a Toxins Pocket Guide (again, keep with you at all times!). My personal favourite that I'm planning on using in the New Year is an Acne Journal, so you can track what you've been applying to your face daily, what you've been eating/drinking and how your skin has been behaving with the hope that it'll be obvious what's aggravating your skin! Brilliant!

Now, FINALLY, I was very much inspired by Cat's fab 'recipes' that I felt the need to do some testing and share with you a fab 'Detox', all natural face mask. Now, you know those pesky packets of superfood powders you once bought with all good intentions but are gathering dust at the back of the cupboard? I've got a great use for them. Add them to a homemade face mask! Todays weapon of choice is wheatgrass. I never got on with it, but am well aware of its brilliant healing properties, bursting full of nutrients from Vitamin A, B, C, E, I, K, and is also anti-bacterial which is brilliant if, like me, you have acne prone skin. Combine it with raw honey which is known to be moisturising, healing and anti-bacterial, and also lemon for some AHA exfoliation, you'll be left with healthy, bright, clear and glowing skin! Think of it like a green smoothie for the face....

2 heaped tsp Wheatgrass powder
4 tsp raw honey (or whatever honey you have to hand)
Squeeze of half a lemon

Mix all of the ingredients in a small bowl and apply to a freshly cleansed face. Leave on for 5 minutes and rinse of with a clean, warm flannel/muslin cloth. Say hello to beautiful skin!

Are you a fan of natural beauty? Do you have any go-to natural beauty products? What are your thoughts on natural beauty vs. manmade beauty products?

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