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3 Healthy Cookbooks For Your Christmas List

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My Christmas list's (yes, I still write them, tell me you do too!) have changed dramatically over the years. Make up and clothes will forever remain top of the list, but these past few years have seen a sudden shift, with cookbooks taking a prominent feature. I just love curling up over the festive period, nursing a rather full belly, looking at more food! As a healthy lifestyle blogger, it should be expected that I have a rather eclectic collection of healthy cookbooks. From vegan cooking, to the healthier treats, to super strict 'clean eating' bibles, I know my stuff when it comes to these guides. That also means, I know what's will become a kitchen staple, and what is overrated crap. A healthy cookbook would be a welcome gift underneath anyone's Christmas tree, guiding them into a healthier lifestyle following the overindulgent festive period. So, whether you're looking for something to buy your green goddess best friend, or you need a little inspiration to give to Father Christmas, here's a round up of the best, healthy lifestyle cookbook's this Christmas...

Everyday Super Food by Jamie Oliver
This would make a perfect gift for the foodie in your life; the person who loves experimenting in the kitchen with big flavours and is a bit of a culinary whizz. Jamie's latest book took me by surprise, as I didn't expect it to be so jam packed with excellent nutritional information and original, fresh, tasty looking recipes. Don't expect to find the latest courgetti recipes and detox juices, this is a book bursting full of delicious, nutritious, filling recipes that the whole family will absolutely love. 

Get The Glow by Madeleine Shaw
Regular readers of my blog will probably be sick to the back of their teeth of me raving about how brilliant this book is, but I simply cannot recommend it enough! My all time favourite healthy eating bible, and this would suit any stylish lady in your life who has already dipped their toes into the pool of healthy eating. Madeleine's guide is the most refreshing take on healthier eating that I've found, and I could happily live off every single meal featured in the book. From a super filling Grain Free Chocolate Granola, to a Thai Beef, Cashew and Kale Salad (so, so good), to an abundance of healthier sweet treats and smoothies, everything featured is utterly delicious. Again, nutritionist Madeleine knows her stuff when it comes to health, fitness and nutrition and shares every bit of wisdom with you. An absolute must have that would be a treat to find in your stocking.

Simply Nigella by Nigella Lawson
This may come as a surprise, but Nigella's latest venture really is all about bringing food and flavours back to basics, not overdoing it and encouraging us all to just enjoy our food, when indulgent and when fresh and nutritious. From the healthy eating staples such as avocado toast, to Japanese ramen, butternut and halloumi burgers, to the most indulgent but ever so slightly guilty free Dark and Sumptuous VEGAN Chocolate Cake (gimme). This is simple but just great food at its finest that'll make you appreciate food, and encourage you to think about quality rather than quantity, especially as we roll into the new year with half a stone of extra weight...! Your Mum will love you for this, if she hasn't got this already, or go on, an early Christmas present to yourself?

On a separate note, what are your thoughts on gift guides? It feels a little like overkill right now, but I'm toying with the idea of potentially sharing with you some of my finds for 'The Healthy-ista' and 'The Natural Beauty Junkie' etc (more exciting categories than that but catch my drift...). You know, all in keeping with my blog! Let me know your stance on them, it's all down to whether you're all interested!

What was the last cookbook, healthy or otherwise that you treated yourself to? Do you have any on your Christmas list this year? Please tell me I'm not the only one who has barely started Christmas shopping?!

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