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Weekly Loves #12

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I've decided to do things ever so slightly different in regards to my 'Weekly Loves' posts. These may be some of my favourite sort of posts to read from other bloggers, however what I personally don't want to do is to fall in the trap of things being exactly the same as the week previous. Every single post I write must be something I would click on within seconds if it were to appear on my bloglovin' feed or on Twitter. This is most often either due to the title or the image which I'd like to think I'm doing well at anyway! However the content is really the most important part - if you like what you read you're more inclined to leave a comment and perhaps follow my blog and therefore become one of my wonderful readers. Therefore, I'd only like to do 'Weekly Loves' posts when I have something to say. I may re-jig things over the next few posts of this calibre - rather than being split into 'FOOD/FITNESS/BEAUTY' etc etc, it might be split into five or six things I've simply been enjoying, regardless of what the over all category they fall into is.

Enough rambling, shall we begin?

I've had the past week off work which has been absolutely BLISS and I'm totally dreading returning, sob. This has meant, however, that I've had more time to be more leisurely and enjoy cooking and experimenting a little more. My stand out has been these homemade pancakes which were incredibly delicious! The recipe was taken from my most used cookbook, Get The Glow and they are the Almond pancakes with grilled banana. My banana was a little too overripe so ended being grilled goo but nonetheless, were a tasty addition! The pancakes were made with ground almonds so were packed full of protein and Vitamin-E. They were surprisingly fluffy and incredibly filling, I'd happily make these again.
I've also enjoyed a classic but hearty chicken caesar salad whilst catching up with friends, my first ever Mission Burrito, pork and chorizo meatballs and of course, what's a weekly food roundup without avocado toast?

My Mum came to stay this weekend and we decided to sneak into LUSH which is always risky on a busy, drizzly Saturday morning. I picked up the new Salted Coconut hand scrub which I think smells like playdough (which I totally love!), but there is a faint hint of subtle coconut that lingers afterwards. I'm not a huge fan of coconut and fortunately it's not that sickly coconut scent, but the product itself is totally lovely as it's a salt scrub infused in coconut oil and organ oil. It seems like one of those unnecessary purchases (I mean a hand scrub?!), but it's totally worth it if you get dry hands during the colder months or if you're constantly washing your hands. Apply your favourite hand cream once you've managed it into your hands and rinsed, and you'll have the softest hands.

Following on with the exfoliating theme, I also picked up the new Cup O' Coffee mask which acts like a big wake up call for your face. Designed to use first thing in the morning to give you a glowing complexion for the rest of the day, it's packed full of stimulating and exfoliating ground coffee, roasted cocoa, vanilla and agave syrup. It smells more chocolate-y rather than like coffee in my opinion, and I can't wait to give myself a pamper with this tonight, or tomorrow morning. I also must take a moment to say how brilliant LUSH's website is. It's mesmerising!

Catching up with friends was first on my list for my week off, which I absolutely loved. Then on Wednesday, James and I headed over to Bristol to catch Years & Years which was totally brilliant. If you've been reading my blog for a while, you may remember I mentioned them right at the beginning of the year. All I'm going to say is - I told you so! If you can catch them live, I really recommend going out of your way to do so. Olly's voice is even more buttery smooth live and their music works brilliantly in a live environment. I was LIVING when they performed Take Shelter, Shine, Border, Real, Desire, Ties, and of course King.

I also had the great pleasure of meeting Nigella Lawson on Friday! I still can't believe I met her, ah! I asked my Mum if she'd like to come along to the event as Nigella is to her, what Britney is to me. No lie. The evening involved an interview with Nigella, the audience had the chance to ask questions (I felt to anxious and uncomfortable to say anything!), and then actually meeting her and her signing a copy of her latest and brilliant piece of work, Simply Nigella. She is somehow even more gorgeous in real life and was incredibly kind to me when I thanked her for How To Eat, telling her how much it helped me and how grateful I was to her. If you're yet to pick up a copy of her latest book, I cannot recommend it enough. If not, it'll no doubt be on many of your Christmas lists.

Other loves...

How has your week been? Do you enjoy LUSH products? Have you picked up Nigella's latest book? What band or singer would you like to see live soon? Do you have any thoughts on Weekly Loves/round-up posts? 


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