Sunday, 11 October 2015

Weekly Loves #11

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Can we all just take a minute and sing praises to the heavenly spirits that have created a world where Nigella Lawson exists? Nigella's latest book Simply Nigella was released on Thursday, but was ready and waiting for me on my doorstep after work on Wednesday. Cue worryingly excited squeals. I've had a very quick flick through each recipe and even without having tested a single one, they all look totally delicious and complete culinary winners. I'm excited to have an indulgent day and tuck into a bowl of the Sweet Potato Macaroni Cheese, amongst several others.

Nigella excitement aside, I feel regretful that this weeks menu chez SSL has been somewhat uninspiring. Simply Nigella has certainly come along at the right time to re-inspire my tastebuds! I've been enjoying sweet potato wedges with almost everything, such as steak and this chorizo chicken 'parcel'. Last night I was craving greens and fish, so opted for some sea bass smothered in fresh pesto and lots of buttery garlic greens. I also treated myself to the M&S Nutty Super Wholefood Salad which came with a tasty tahini dip.
Earlier this week I posted about 7 Easy, Healthy Recipes For When You're Feeling Run Down. Often I find myself totally void of energy and just want something quick and easy, all the while nutritious on my plate ASAP. If you're ever in this sort of a situation, I suggest you check the post out.

I received several beautiful beauty bits and pieces in the post, namely skincare which I often get more excited about than make up. The majority of my skincare has recently come to the end of its cycle, so it was the perfect time for an influx of new products to test and see if they'll work their magic on my face. So far, some great results. I'll share with you on Thursday my 'haul' and initial opinions.

So the week started off on what I'd at least like to think was a very positive note. I'd share more but I hate to jinx things so - please keep your fingers crossed!
Even though I've been busy and exhausted from long working days, I've been feeling somewhat slightly more relaxed and upbeat which can only be a good thing, right?

It's been a little while since I updated you on my absolutely brilliant pop music picks, mainly because I've been stuck in a rut of the same old Carly Rae Jepsen/Marina & The Diamonds/a bit of everything playlists. I've been jamming away to Selena Gomez's (yes, really) latest release, Revival and my ears are happy. Me & The Rhythm is my standout - a total chilled, disco inspired banger. It makes me think of golden skin, 70s Hollywood, glamour  and glitter. Give it a listen - you'll know what I mean!

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