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What's So 'Magic' About the Magic Foundation?

She's So Lucy Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation Review Oily Blemish Acne

If you're a beauty obsessive, like myself, and read endless beauty blogs, watch endless beauty related YouTube videos, and procrastinate by refreshing the 'New In' pages of your favourite beauty websites, you'll know all about the new foundation on the block. The wonder woman that is Charlotte Tilbury has quite bravely titled her newest make up launch the 'Magic Foundation'. She claims it to create 'perfect looking skin for all ages, all skin tones', and that it can cover everything from acne, pigmentation, dark circles, wrinkles, large pores, redness, and scarring. Your skin will look 'flawless and poreless', so no matter who you are, you need this foundation. 'Is it magic, or is it foundation' Charlotte's models ask as they seduce you into her meticulous ad campaign for the foundation.

As someone with oily, acne prone, hormonal skin that scars easily from cystic acne and other blemishes, I was completely sold once I witnessed this video. The lady in the video is transformed from having heavily blemished skin to flawless, clear skin. It's the stuff dreams are made of when you have problematic skin, and you've spent the majority of your life finding a wonder product that does such a thing.

I snapped up the Magic Foundation the moment it appeared on the John Lewis website. Shade three was my colour of choice, which is ever so slightly warmer than my natural skin tone but blends well so there's no tell-tale orange lines to be seen here.

First Impressions
What's so magic? Firstly, my Zoeva Silk Finish Brush that I normally turn to for my foundation didn't work with this. The thickness of the product combined with the density of the brush made the product drag across my skin. Once a pump or so had been applied, I still had very visible blemishes and very visible pores/blackheads. I went over once again with half a pump and then concealed and finished off the rest of my face. Come mid-afternoon, my oily skin decided to make an impromptu visit, meaning a lot of the product had caked up or disappeared all together.

I spent the rest of the week alternating with different brushes/applications and have since found a way that makes the product work for me...

Final Impressions
If you're oily - primer is you best friend with this. I've only been using the Soap & Glory One Heck of a Blot Instant Perfecting Power Primer for a few days but it's been working well with the Magic Foundation. I then have found no brush for the application works best, just the warmth of my fingers, working the product into my skin gives the nicest result. I get a decent medium-full coverage, pores and blackheads are kept to a minimum and I don't require as much concealer as I do when applying it with a brush. I usually get a brush to just blend in any 'edges' but fingers are thus far working brilliantly. A light dusting of translucent powder also works well to set the 'face'.
Longevity wise, with the primer and powder, my make up is lasting much longer, but some shine will break through, regardless of how active I've been.
If you have drier skin, just moisturise or use a hydrating primer if needs be. I cannot recommend applying with fingers enough however. Your foundation brush will only get clogged quicker.

So is this a magic product? I'm afraid to say, no. To claim it's magic is a brilliant marketing technique and totally sold me. However, whilst this is a very good foundation, this isn't the ultimate foundation. Blemishes still need to be concealed, and if your skin has a tendency of eating up your make-up, you may find it does it big time with this. However, if you have a play about and find ways in which the foundation works for your skin type and concerns, you should see some decent results.

Have you tried the Magic Foundation? Would you like to? Have you tried any other Charlotte Tilbury products and if so, what are your thoughts? What is your 'magic' foundation? 

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