Sunday, 23 August 2015

Weekly Loves #5

Another week that's disappeared in a flash - how is it one more week until September?!
Is this what life's like now when you hit your twenties, each year just blurs into each other? If so, I didn't sign up for that.

James and I pretty much had to roll our way back from Brighton this week after all of the food we ate...! I'd like to think we were relatively balanced with our choices, but we still ate a lot of food. The majority of our highlights were all featured in my post (5 Must Visit Food Joints in Brighton), so do take a look at that if you haven't already. I tried to sneak in a few balanced meals when we came home, one of which is a 'recipe' that will be featured on the blog next week - basically a ridiculously easy lunch recipe. However it won't be until tomorrow that I'll feel as if I'm getting back to my usual self as last night we went out with James's family for his birthday - I'm still nursing my food baby from that!

As there has been an awful lack of exercise, or by that I mean, working-up-a-sweat sort of exercise, in my life recently, the time has come for me to start up a return to exercise sort of plan. I'm hoping to do some proper cardio and a bit of Pilates or yoga in the next week as my body seriously needs it. I miss the feeling of fitness, and just want to start sculpting my body into better shape again. If you're unhappy with something, do something about it!
This week however, we did do an awful lot of walking in Brighton which felt very good. I kind of hoped that it would result in supermodel legs but the volume of food meant quite the opposite unfortunately...!

I've had the most horrendous skin this past week, to the point that it's become rather difficult to cover up any blemishes with make up. I think it's been a mix of my diet (way too much sugar and wine has passed my lips this past week), and it's also that time of the 6-8 weeks month. Potentially it may be some skin care but I find it very difficult to tell if products are affecting my skin. I've been looking into how your gut affects your skin this sat week, and am keen to find some good probiotics. Not only that but I'm keen to try some Aurelia skincare, whose usp is their products contain probiotics that is absorbed topically by the skin. My skin is calling out for this!
I've also been looking at trying retinol products - yes, it may be the number one anti-ageing ingredients but it also works at resurfacing the skin and preventing blemishes/blackheads from being formed, so if you have acne, it's meant to be a Godsend. Indeedlabs have a serum that's relatively affordable, and I've been looking at the Paula's Choice website too. Caroline Hirons raved about their 1% Retinol Treatment.... If you have any experience with retinols, mainly for acne use, let me know!

Brighton totally captured my heart this week! How fantastic it must be to live nearby the seafront and just be able to take a wander along the sea whenever you fancy. James and I spent his last hour or two before his birthday on the pebbled beach and it was so, so lovely. It's an overwhelming, buzzing city but I'd totally jump at the chance of returning very soon.

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  1. You should go to your doctor and ask to try Isotrexin Gel for your skin - my doctor just prescribed me it and it contains Accutane (which is a retinoid) but because it is topical it is not as harsh - I haven't been using it for long but I have seen soooooooo many good reviews across the Internet so I have high hopes!

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