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5 Must Visit Food Joints in Brighton (Light & Indulgent)

She's So Lucy top 5 Restaurants Cafe Healthy Brighton Bill's
Fresh off the train from a whirlwind 48-hours in Britain's ultimate seaside city, Brighton, it is fair to say I am stuffed.
My bank balance may be empty but my belly is very firmly packed with lots of delicious food. OK, so I'm not exactly Brighton's food scene's know-it-all. However I had done my research prior to the trip and combined with a bit of exploring, I think it's fair to say we found some pretty great joints. So,  if you're thinking of heading to the infamous pebbled beach anytime soon, and you're after a mix of both healthy and indulgent, here are my Top 5 must visit food joints in Brighton.

Bill's The Depot, 100 North Road
She's So Lucy top 5 Restaurants Cafe Healthy Brighton Bill's
Bill's may be an ever growing, contemporary bit-of-everything restaurant, and I may have visited my local branch one too many times. However, we couldn't resist visiting one of the first, and most famous branches. Immediately you'll be wowed by it's fantastic interior and exterior (think converted garage with lots of industrial decor and knick-knack accessories), it feels like an exciting experience due to location alone. There's anything and everything on the seasonal menu, from burgers, to fresh salads. I opted for a current dish on the special's list - sesame seared salmon with toasted quinoa and fresh crunchy vegetables. James opted for a classic favourite steak with garlic butter. So if you're not sure whether it's worth indulging or saving yourself, Bill's is a perfect pick.

42 Juice 19 Market Street
She's So Lucy top 5 Restaurants Cafe Healthy Brighton 42Juice
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The wannabe health blogger I am had to visit 42 Juice having seen it pop up in others' blog's and vlog's. This trendy little juice bar sells any juice or smoothie of your desire, plus a delightful little array of small bites to eats such as courgetti and Instagram worthy açai bowls. I opted for the super clean and very green I Am Alkaline juice. James found it revolting but that's coming from someone who loves nothing more than beers and Nando's. This tasted super fresh and very healthy. Much sweeter options are available if that's more your thing too. A must visit for any #hblogger. 

Angel Food Bakery 20 Meeting House Lane
She's So Lucy top 5 Restaurants Cafe Healthy Brighton Angel Food Bakery
She's So Lucy top 5 Restaurants Cafe Healthy Brighton Angel Food Bakery
As we were visiting for James's birthday, I insisted he had some form of a birthday cake that didn't involve us both demolishing a Caterpillar cake at the end of the night. Angel Food Bakery is a classic bakery nestled in the Laines that is almost impossible to leave with just one cake. We came home with: 1x Peanut Butter Devil's Food Cupcake, 1x Coffee Devil's Food Cupcake, 1x White Chocolate Cupcake, and 1x Peanut Butter Brownie. I would have left with a much bigger box had my skin not be screaming out at me in pain after all the sugar that's worked its way into my diet lately.... Seriously though, you're a fool to miss this place. 

La Capannina 15 Madeira Place
She's So Lucy top 5 Restaurants Cafe Healthy Brighton La Capannina
Situated just off St James's Street, just on your way into town from Kemptown, La Capannina is an authentic slice of Italy on the south coast of England. There's no point trying to be healthy here - it's carbs or leave the moment you step foot into this delightful little restaurant. One lobster linguine for the birthday boy and one crab linguine sitting pretty in front of me. Absolutely delicious and inevitably, our pasta bowls were licked clean. I do have a lighter version of crab linguine I rustled up not too long ago if you're interested, but when indulging, this was perfect and one I'd pick any day over a chain Italian. 

Café Coho 53 Ship Street
She's So Lucy top 5 Restaurants Cafe Healthy Brighton Cafe Coho
Coffee is one of those things which is very much on the fence of being healthy or otherwise. One cheeky cup of coffee isn't going to hurt and this cappuccino certainly hit the spot mid morning yesterday. It genuinely was like a big fluffy marshmallow cloud, floating upon a smooth cup of coffee. It would be easy to mistakenly think you were in edgy Shoreditch upon arrival at Café Coho but it's a total winner of a café. They serve an array of fresh pastries, cakes, freshly made sandwiches and an abundance of tea and coffee, of course. Even if you just need a quick wake up call after a lunchtime of wandering the Laines, a take away cup will certainly do the trick. 

Notable mention must go to BagelMan. Now, it wasn't a patch on my beloved Bath equivalent, The Whole Bagel, but it was certainly a treat. The Mighty Aphrodite (basically a huge mouthful of feta cheese) was the perfect end to an awesome trip to Brighton. They're everywhere so you'll never be far from one. 

Have you been to Brighton? If so, what are your must visit places for food? Where have you been recently that's served amazing food - healthy or indulgent? Do you prefer to be balanced whilst on holiday or do you love to indulge 24/7?


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