Sunday, 26 July 2015

Weekly Loves #3

Part of me feels I should start calling these 'Fortnightly Loves' or 'Once In a Blue Moon Loves', or even 'Lucy, Sort Your Life Out, You're Blog Is Disappearing Loves'. I jest. I honestly don't have a clue what's going on, but I'm planning a huge re-jig over all sorts blogging wise over the next week or so (basically, see you in five months). I jest again, however life as a fresh-out-of-the-water-graduate and also moving/working full time/feeling pretty pants is just leaving me a bit all over the place. But I promise, things will sort themselves out and I am on it!

I think my slightly sugary, post-holiday weeks of food are behind me as I've been reaching for natural alternatives for a sweet hit and have also just been pretty balanced on the sugar front. Fish and green veg has been all over the menu this week - it's so quick and easy! My body has definitely been craving some big nutrients and I've been trying to ignore any potential chocolate cravings by reminding myself my body's actually craving iron so hello spinach packed green smoothies. My favourite eats have to include a big roasted vegetable and feta salad, chilli pesto sea bass with lots of green veg, and almond butter stuffed dates - so simple but really hit the spot when I was craving something naughty. I've also been doing some recipe development for the blog (YAY) so expect to see some results soon.

Another big fat fail this week. What's happening to me?! In all honesty, as I've mentioned before, being on my feet all day at work and running around all over the place/going up flights of stairs all day, does NOT encourage me to crack on with a YouTube workout of some sort the moment I get home! I had to work some random shifts this week too so this week coming I'll be returning to a more stable timetable so I'll be able to give myself the chance to schedule in some proper workouts. My thighs are definitely desperate for some toning!

This just had to be the week that the majority of my beauty staples had to run dry, didn't it?! A mini splurge on the John Lewis website lead me to repurchasing some of my favourites such as the trusty Laura Mercier Smooth Finish Flawless Fludie Foundation (honestly, beyond underrated) and Origins Make a Difference Plus+ Treatment (a great moisturiser for anyone with an oilier skin that has the tendency to get dehydrated). I also took the 'plunge' and purchased the Balance Me Radiance Face Oil after several other beauty bloggers swayed me. I currently use the Pai Rosehip Oil however I would;t consider this a proper facial oil, more a treatment. Fingers crossed Balance Me's offering will treat my face nicely - it could do with some love!

I figured I ought to give you a glimpse at my graduation pictures from the other week...! Yes, if you weren't aware I graduated with an Upper (I'm going to milk it for all it's worth/be bitter I was 2% from a First) 2.1 the week before last. Hooray! It was such a surreal day but I honestly, probably for once in my life, feel very proud of myself. Now I'm all too aware that my employment prospects are looking rather bleak considering my degree (Film & Media anyone? Someone hire me, please, I'm amazing), but hey, it still shows for a lot. I'll be sharing a little emotional post later in the week all about just why this achievement has been so special for me so keep your eyes peeled...

Something else that has continues post-holiday has been reading, hip hip hooray! I used to be such an avid little reader when I was younger, namely the entire Jacqueline Wilson back catalogue, despite my teachers' encouragements to try reading something else. Alas, as we get older, it seems time becomes more sparse and the internet has also taken over the majority of our lives. My daily reading tends to be catching up on blogs and, (unashamedly), the Daily Mail website so books have been gathering dust on the shelves. However I'm finding, as my mother always insists, reading before bed relaxes me and sends me safely off the the land of snooze. My heart shattered last night as I finished What A Girl Wants from my favourite chick-lit author, Lindsey Kelk, mainly because she's left the series on a pretty emotional cliff hanger. My warning to Kelk: you'll be burned alive if Tess and Nick don't end up together. Capiche? 

Before I forget - Years & Years! I wrote about them way back at the beginning of the year and I'm still just as obsessed now as I was then. Their debut album Communion is everything I had hoped for, and despite having already heard half of the songs before the release, it is what I like to call on e heck of a 'banger' of an album. Ties is my favourite of the unheard songs, and Border is fab too. If you're into pop music that's taken seriously and celebrated as a genre, you'll adore this. I'm seeing them live in November and cannot wait to dance my little socks off!

Other loves...


  1. Congrats on graduating, I look forward to my turn of that! You look amazing.

    Great post btw, loving the Years & Years album also :)

    Megan |

    1. Thanks Megan! So glad you're enjoying Years & Years too - they know just how to do great but super cool pop music :)



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