Sunday, 12 July 2015

Weekly Loves #2

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It's pretty embarrassing that my last Weekly Loves was about four weeks ago now. Oh, the joys of moving house, waiting for internet installation, working and holiday! To say life's been a little hectic lately would be an understatement!

I thought I'd combine this week with my week on holiday too as, in all honesty, this weeks food hasn't been that exciting! Despite the fact I felt like I was eating a lot of food, it was all fresh and un-processed and reflecting back on it all, I'd say I was overall pretty healthy. Obviously, a holiday is a time to allow yourself a treat or three more than usual! We found the most gorgeous ice cream place down a little street that produced such a gorgeous variety of flavours every day. Our favourite was the Bueno ice cream, which, as you can imagine, was super milky, chocolate-y, hazelnutty and was filled with little crunchy wafer pieces. Other favourites included 'Nuttelone' (basically a Nutella ice cream) and a Dark Chocolate flavour which was so rich and smooth. I scraped my little pot clean!
There was plenty of freshly caught fish available at every restaurant we visited, the salmon in particular being incredible value for money. For a meal it would be no more than €11 for a HUGE piece of salmon on the bone with salad and vegetables. Other favourites included barbecued white fish, huge tiger prawns and seafood spaghetti. The hotel we stayed at also offered us huge takeaway tuna salads of chicken caesar salads which filled me up for the long summer afternoon, yet was still light so didn't leave me feeling bloated by the pool.
Breakfasts were also fantastic, offering eggs, sausages, bacon, tomatoes, beans, fresh fruit, yoghurt, fresh bread, and pastries. This meant I was able to pick and choose, and fill myself up for the rest of the day.
This week I've been aware it's now back to reality so porridge, no grain granola, eggs, fruit, or a big smoothie. Last night I enjoyed some sea bass fillets with a pesto butter and a Caprese salad which was delicious, if a little random. With Wimbledon being the big buzz right now, I treated James and I to homemade Eton Mess which was just perfect!

Fitness & holiday really don't mix in all honesty, though we found ourselves doing a lot of walking whilst we were there. The hotel was in the middle of a really steep hill so to pop to the shops for some water meant walking up a ridiculously steep hill, just to get to flat ground. My thighs would be burning by the time we reached the top! One day we walked half an hour into the town of Lagos, all around the winding streets for the majority of the day and then walked back again. A well deserved glass of wine and two scoops of ice cream happened that day....
Now that I'm back I haven't had the chance to get back into my YouTube workouts, and now that we live much closer to town and work, the daily commute (7 minutes!!) is a little short on the fitness front now. Being back at work means being on my feet all day and running around all over the place but next week is definitely the time to start the yoga up again and fitting in some more cardio.

I promised I'd mention if my Elemis Tan Accelerator worked post-holiday in my 'Preparing for Your Golden Glow' post. I feel pretty confident to confirm that in fact, it did work! Ok, so my tan has already started fading a little, or at least this dim, grey English light is making it appear a little less glowing. But whilst away, I definitely noticed my tan developing much faster and had I stayed a few days or a week more, I'd definitely be a deep, dark brown. Pretty impressive, considering I've got pretty fair skin! Potentially using it in conjunction with the Nivea Protect & Bronze sun cream helped too, but my legs were really brown by day three, and usually they're the last thing to tan.
I have to give a special shoutout to the Soap & Glory Solar Bronze, which once upon a time, after a long term love affair with NARS Laguna bronzer, seriously did not satisfy my particular bronzing needs. However, teamed with a super fluffy Real Techniques Duo Fibre Powder Brush, gives a light yet extremely build able and natural looking bronze effect. It warms my skin up and was a staple in my make up bag whilst on holiday as my body bronzed yet my face remained pretty pasty.

Part of me feels terribly ashamed to admit that it is the internet that has been a huge love of mine this week! Having weeks upon weeks of little to no internet access was a struggle, but a much needed online detox. No possibilities of blogging, reading blogs, and just catching up on the online world, sob! However it totally gave me the time to reassess what I want to achieve for She's So Lucy and has definitely given me a kick up the bum about getting on and doing all I can to achieve my goals.

One of my favourite things about jetting off to a sunny country is that it gives me the chance to crack open the books I've been gathering over the past year, waiting to read. Considering reading blogs and blogging in general takes up a lot of my free time, I regrettably do struggle to curl up and read a good book. Now, by no means do I have the literary taste that would match The Sunday Times Best Seller List, lets make things clear! I'm more a fan of escapism 'chick lit' novels, in particular the I Heart... series from Lindsey Kelk. I started reading her books years ago, yet only ever seem to manage reading one or two a year! I finally finished up I Heart London and totally fell in love, and am now coming to an end on another of her novels, What A Girl Wants. #TeamNick is all I'm going to say....

Another week, another fabulous pop recommendation. This time, I'm all about Carly Rae , of I Really Like You fame. #Banger. Jepsen's newest release, Emotion, is an 80s inspired pop record, bursting with brilliant, bubbly tunes. My personal favourites are the title track, Boy Problems, Warm Blood and my top choice is Run Away With Me, which just reminds me of Angela and Alex in I Heart London. 

Other loves...

  • Queen Caroline has provided a Cheat Sheet to SPF, which is totally ideal if you're about to head off on holiday, or if you're at home and enjoying any warm weather that's hitting your way. A true gem and well worth saving or sticking on your fridge.
  • The other Queen, this time Vegan, Ella of Deliciously Ella fame shared her tips on food photography. Totally ideal if you're into food blogging, healthy or otherwise. A big aim of mine is to really improve my photography skills and improve the overall look of what I present on my blog so fingers crossed this is onwards and upwards!
  • Now that I've taken a step back from my blog and feel more motivated than ever to show it more love, I'm thinking of a big re-design. Almost a year ago, before the birth of She's So Lucy, I was hunting for some good, affordable ready made blog designs. I discovered PipDig and stupidly didn't go with one of their designs, as now there seems to be a huge waiting list if you need some help with customisation, d'oh! Nonetheless, however, I'm quite eager on investing some time and (non-existent) money into a blog re-vamp, so watch this space! (Side Note: Thank you to those of you who are so patient with me, yet still always pop up and leave me a comment on new posts, despite all the crazy circumstances! You're fab, have a gold star).
  • James and I finally buying a sofa! YAY! Camping chairs/desk chairs really aren't ideal to try and get comfy in after a long day at work....
  • Getting tickets to see another one of my Queen's, Marina and the Diamonds, in November. I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am! I was shaking whilst buying them, eek. 
What have you been loving this week? How's your weekend been? I'd love to hear from you, as per usual.



  1. All that food sounds delicious! I tried the Elemis accelerator last year and found it to be pretty good at preventing me from burning. Trying a Gatineau one this year!

    Ella xx

    1. Ooh I hadn't picked up on it doing that actually, and funnily enough, I didn't get burnt! I saw the Gatineau one too and so very nearly purchased it. It is huge and looks much better for value but am very glad I gave the Elemis offering regardless. Let me know how the Gatineau one works out! xx


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