Friday, 10 July 2015

Portugese Sun

Can someone explain to me why holidays always seem like a distant memory/like it never even happened when you return home? I had the most wonderful holiday in Portugal last week, it was just sun, sun and more sun and I couldn't have wanted things to be any different. All James and I wanted was to be able to relax, eat good food, drink lots of wine and Mojitos, forget about work and life back at home and just enjoy being away in a different, sunny country.
I thought a share with you a selection of my favourite images from my holiday photo album. Now someone, please, just take me back....
 photo IMG_1502_zpsopdlga3b.jpg

 photo IMG_1507_zps8ycbyzyq.jpg
 photo IMG_4030_zps1qbukszg.jpg
 photo IMG_1508_zpszcrf3zom.jpg
 photo IMG_1533_zpsdvcc23y4.jpg
 photo IMG_4054_zpsemssn1cu.jpg
 photo IMG_1544_zpsoygm3bdz.jpg
 photo IMG_1514_zpsauihwe92.jpg
 photo IMG_4049_zpsqcmlkgsw.jpg
 photo IMG_1509_zpswnvqv2kw.jpg
 photo IMG_1528_zpscvdwtefl.jpg
 photo IMG_1550_zps5mpvmymp.jpg
 photo IMG_1551_zpsp5s7mrhv.jpg
 photo IMG_1598_zpsfwj3hlpl.jpg
 photo IMG_1591_zpsxa4tblup.jpg
 photo IMG_4062_zpsdk9bhl3x.jpg
 photo IMG_1599_zpsio8zqfth.jpg
 photo IMG_1571_zpsbgqj6lk3.jpg
 photo IMG_1603_zpsjuyrisd4.jpg
 photo IMG_1518_zpsnjm2bjz6.jpg

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