Sunday, 14 June 2015

Weekly Loves #1

Weekly roundups/loves/whatever you call them are some of my favourite posts to read and it was about time I gave them my own spin for She's So Lucy. I've decided to split it into Food, Fitness, Beauty & Etc. Sound good? Lets get started....

Earlier this week I embarked upon my 'Last Minute "Beach Body" Plan', what with my holiday rapidly appearing along the horizon. This has meant goodbye to refined sugars, and simply dialling certain things down and upping the more delicious and nutritious foods in my diet. I'm ending the week feeling pretty content with my diet this week. My water intake has also improved massively which I'm so pleased about. Anytime I've felt hungry when I know I shouldn't, I've practically forced myself to drink a huge glass of water. And guess what? It worked!
Typically the week I begin to up the nutrition and reduce the more indulgent foods, has seen me have TWO meals out this week. Oops. However, I still ensured I went for the more nutritious picks of the menu and pretty much avoided alcohol (hello, Bills' Pimms - they use pink lemonade, yum).
Favourite meals have included: a gorgeous Caesar Salad from Bills/Chicken and avocado salad with Jamie Oliver Garlicky Quinoa/Grain Free Chocolate Granola bowl/Berry Smoothie Bowl/Las Iguanas Tapas/Raspberry Porridge with secret Peanut Butter centre & Dark Chocolate pools/Cacao Nice Cream/Humus, Olives and Ryvita for a late lunch.
I'm very proud however that I really reduced the amount of indulgent moments I usually succumb to, and snacks at work have been as nutritious as I could make them too. No secret tubes of Smarties have happened!
For next week I've created a meal plan which I hope will be doable, what with me moving to a new flat and everything. I find when I have a plan, I stick to it as I know what to expect which keeps my mind calm. I'll share this with you next week...
Not so much what I've eaten but a video that got me totally inspired and dreaming of sunny summer picnics was a video from my favourite healthy lifestyle Goddess, Madeleine Shaw. She uploaded a video for a Picnic Salad which involved perhaps a little unpractically bringing along a chopping board and knife to make a nutritious and vibrant looking picnic salad. Come on, summer, where are you hiding?

My original plan for the week in regard to exercise kind of went out the window. There's been a good handful of Yoga sessions and POPSUGAR Fitness workouts which is better than usual.
Of course as always, there's all the walking I do and my job requires me to be on my feet all day, running around.
My go-to girl for a daily yoga session comes courtesy of Yoga With Adriene. I find myself mentioning her on a weekly basis, so I really do recommend checking out her videos and just trying a few. I know you'll become hooked. My mind is always so much more relaxed at the end of each session. Pick and choose whatever you fancy from her videos, there's all sorts to choose from.
POPSUGAR Fitness always features a great variety of workouts. This full body workout flew by in no time, yet really got my blood pumping and my muscles a wake-up, and is definitely a no excuses sort of workout at only 20 minutes long.
I'd also been meaning to take some of these 'butt toning exercises' to create my own mini at-home workout. Sometimes I find I want to catch up on my Watch Later list on YouTube and do exercises, rather than try to keep up with the people on my screen in the workout I've chosen to do. I'll definitely be adding these moves into some of next weeks workouts.

If you read my 'Getting the Summer Glow' post in the week, you'll know how much I've been obsessing over the Clarins Radiance Plus Golden Glow Booster. This is a magic chamber of golden glow drops that you add to your favourite body lotion or moisturiser. Cue absolutely no streaks, no scent, and a gorgeous, health glow.
The Estée Lauder Bronze Goddess Illuminating Powder Gelée is also one of my most reached for products this week. This too gives your face a gorgeous sun kissed luminosity. It's very subtle and can be built up. I cannot wait to use this whilst away on holiday in two weeks once I've developed a tan.
I'm really keen to try out this homemade face mask recipe that looks good enough to lick off your face, from Deliciously Ella. She posted a cacao & coconut face mask recipe that looks so simple and seriously nourishing for your skin. I'm not a natural or nothing kind of girl when it comes to beauty, but I'm keen to try out more natural ingredients to keep my skin happy.

The John Lewis/Marks & Spencer/H&M Home websites have been some of my most visited this week as I'm now only days away from moving into my new flat. FYI: Moving is exhausting and expensive! Whether that's moving into a property you've bought or one you're letting, the money just disappears from your bank account. So I've firmly reminded myself that as much as I want all of these  serving bowls/cushions/copper accessories, I must only purchase them gradually.

Speaking of money, I absolutely LOVED this post from Hannah Gale where she discussed the 7 Things You Need to Remember If You're Stressing About Money. I let out a huge 'yasssss' to everything she mentioned. It totally read like I'd written it myself! Having seen a huge chunk of my money disappear to pay the deposit for my new flat and first months rent I had a bit of a sob on Thursday morning, having suddenly realised that I'm about to set foot into the adult world of getting taxed, paying council tax, and no more student loans. Hannah's post was like a big hug that I desperately needed.

Other loves...

That rounds up my first ever Weekly Loves. What have you been loving this week? Any delicious foods? Amazing beauty products I need to know about? Workout videos/blogs/posts I need to see? Let me know!



  1. I've been loving Yoga with Adriene too, not just this week, but for the past few months :)


  2. Hi Lucy,

    Love the list - and thank you for including my list of fruits and veggies! As always, Yoga with Adriene is a favourite, but I've also factored in some practices with Tim Senesi, his workouts are a little more advanced I find. That, running, and a recent juice cleanse just about summarise my loves this past week!

    Besma (Curiously Conscious)

  3. Very cool lifestyle post. Enjoyed the shots too :)

    Lu |

  4. great post !!

    had a great read :D

    love the design you have



  5. Such a great list!! :)

  6. fab list. i need to get into yoga again!


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