Tuesday, 28 April 2015

To Kale and Beyond

Beyond The Kale Bath Menu Opening Hours Review Vegan Vegetarian Health Cafe Bath She's So Lucy
Beyond The Kale Bath Menu Opening Hours Review Vegan Vegetarian Health Cafe Bath She's So Lucy
Health food stores, café's, juice bars and restaurants are so in demand with the current rise of healthy lifestyle writers and bloggers, yet pretty far and few between. This is especially true when you're not living in a mammoth city like London, New York, LA etc. In the UK in particular, it's pretty damn rare to find anywhere to find super foods, healthier snacks and bites to eat, apart from the odd Holland & Barratt store somewhere along the high street (and even then, the stock is pretty limited).

In Bath, we're all rather lucky to have a good handful of vegetarian and vegan café's and whole food/super food shops. The real gem is, however, Beyond The Kale. When it popped up last year, I couldn't wait to try all their different juices, 'blends' and tasty freshly made vegan meals. Not only that, they're a one stop shop for all Organic, essential ingredients for you to whip up your own tasty treats at home.

I met with Mark, the owner, who kindly agreed to let me interrogate him about all things healthy, Vegan and organic...


Thursday, 23 April 2015

RECIPE: Cacao & Maca Balls

cacao and maca snack balls she's so lucy

Confession: I'm mad about Maca. As in, the superfood that is packed full of nutritional goodness that claims to boost your metabolism and stabilise your hormones. Basically, everything and more that I'm asking for in a superfood.
Everyone and their dog have recipes for 'snack balls' (stop with your dirty mind...), so what I've got here isn't exactly innovative. However, these sort of recipes can be chopped and changed to suit your liking and what ingredients you've got/can get hold of. Change the nuts you use, the superfood add-ins, the binding ingredient - just experiment.
This particular combination is perfect if you're after a chocolatey, brownie-like hit, yet you're having some hormonal issues at the moment, or if you're having breakouts left right and centre. It's all those indulgent desires rolled into one nutritionally delicious ball.

Monday, 20 April 2015

The Truth About Fat

Recently, the BBC commissioned a series of documentaries that would delve into the truth about calories, sugar, fat and your medicine cabinet. All topics that greatly interest me and many of you reading this too. I was excited to see the BBC take the opportunity to really lift the lid on these health concerns that have been causing so much confusion for decades.

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

HOW TO: Approach a Beauty Counter

Beauty counters always seem to be envisioned initially as totally glamorous, transformative counters where dreams come true by an assistant who is your Beauty Fairy Godmother in disguise. They'll pop you on the stool and a brush of this here, a slick of that there and you'll become a new person - a totally drop dead gorgeous, better version of yourself.

Thursday, 9 April 2015

6 Ways to Spring Clean Your Diet

The last remaining remnants of chocolate eggs may still be hidden away in your kitchen cupboards or in the fridge, but all of this beautiful sunshine we've been having over the past few days is totally making my body beg for a spring clean.
I often find myself feeling more motivated in nice weather, more determined to feel confident in myself and find I'm craving delicious, nutritious food like never before.
So, whether you're feeling your diet needs a total overhaul or you just need a few little tips and tricks to brighten up your everyday eating, here is how to spring clean your diet...


Monday, 6 April 2015

My Story With PCOS

Last year I was finally diagnosed with PCOS (read last weeks post all about PCOS if you haven't a clue what on earth that even means). Today, I feel it's time to share with you my story with it.


Saturday, 4 April 2015

The Naughtiest High End Beauty Haul

My justification for spending rather a bit too much money on some beautiful beauty products recently is the fact it was my birthday the other week. I had a Space NK voucher lying about from my birthday last year and well, I felt I needed a Spring update in my beauty bag. Totally justifiable, right?
I digress. Fancy a peak inside my shopping bags?

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