Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Good Energy is Contagious [My Little Energy Box]

This little beauty arrived through the post box late last week and it was honestly such a delight to unwrap its beautiful packaging and reveal this bright, adorably packaged box of goodies.
My Little Box is the French answer to the several beauty boxes that are currently on the market. It is generously filled with a small selection of beauty bits; their own magazine; some fashion and lifestyle accessories; some cute motivational, illustrations and some other surprises along the way.

I've personally never subscribed to one of these and the great thing about My Little Box is that you can cancel at any time, and start up all over again whenever you wish.
Someone on Instagram or YouTube or something or other had briefly posted about January's My Little Box and I just had to have it! Not only was it packed from some great gifts such as the beauty bits and pieces, but it also came with a full sized (not pictured - there were some difficulties!) gym bag which you can see illustrated in the second image, which says 'Good Energy is Contagious'.
I just loved how motivational the Energy Box was and was delighted when I finally received it. There's also a cute calendar with adorable little illustrations and inspirational quotes running throughout.

My next box, the 'My Little Parisian Box' should be here any day now but I highly recommend you at least take a peek over at their website to see how special this little box is.



  1. These boxes are just so cute! I really love the illustrations and the thought they put into them. I haven't signed up to a sub box in ages but I am tempted by this one! x

    Jasmin Charlotte | UK Lifestyle Blog

    1. I just opened up February's box and I properly squealed at some of the items I received. It's honestly one of the best boxes I've seen, hence why it's been the first one out of many boxes out there for me to subscribe to. Go for it girl xx


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