Monday, 26 January 2015

Loves Lately

Whether it's the New Year or if some seriously amazing things have just been happening in life lately, I thought I couldn't not share with you some bits and pieces that you too absolutely need to know about....

If anything, this is what has inspired me to create this post as I've discovered a new band that my ears seriously cannot get enough of. Meet Years & Years, the current BBC Sound of 2015 and were one of the contenders for the Critics Choice Award at this years BRITs. I first stumbled upon them when I read this article and caught a glimpse of one of their thumbnails for their music video (and my favourite song of theirs) Take Shelter, with Emily Browning looking so gorgeous. Within moments of listening, I was intrigued and by the end of the song I was in love. Cue incessant listening to all their other songs. Their sound is cool electronic, 90s-ish House-esque Pop music. Comprende? I find myself getting quite emotional listening to their music because I just love it so much, ha! Olly Alexander's vocals are just dreamy, almost buttery and honestly has one of the best pop voices I've heard in years (excuse the pun). Their lyrics are quite melancholic but is combined with uplifting, pop music that just makes you want to dance. Full on obsessed. You must, must, MUST check these guys out before they blow up. Also check out King which is just everything your life is missing right now.
This is one of those weird ones because it's totally unlike my own blog or many of the other blogs I read however The Little Magpie has totally been my number one blog of choice recently, along with her YouTube channel too which totally reminds me of the 'old' YouTube days when it was all just a bit of fun. Her style is flawless and every outfit is so well put together, just scrolling through her posts will make you want to chuck out all of your own clothes and start all over again.
For all my foodie followers out there (that should be all of you), especially all of you who love healthy eating just as much as I do, I cannot recommend Haste's Kitchen enough (the husband of Nic Chapman of the pixiwoo sisters). He creates seriously delicious looking 'clean' foods that look incredibly hearty but are actually incredibly healthy. His Pasta Free Lasagne is currently on my 'next to make' list in the kitchen. Waitrose's YouTube channel is also a great place for food inspiration and I'm loving their current collaboration with The Detox Kitchen.
There are aaaalso some workout videos and channels that I'm loving on YouTube right now but i'll save those for a post coming soon...

Well, my NutriBullet is a total success and I'm loving experimenting with different flavours, fruits and vegetables to create delicious 'NutriBlasts'. The little guide they give you in the box is a great source of inspiration too. My current go to is my 'Green Goddess' smoothie, minus the avocado most days, which you can find here and the video version here.
I'm considering purchasing some 'health powders' such as maca and lucuma soon to get an extra boost of nutrients. If you know of any recipes that include them or 'powders' I ought to get hold of, do let me know!
What's great about it is that you can make so many other things too such as soups and sauces (I currently have too much basil so am planning on making a big batch of pesto), and also Nakd type bars/balls (though be careful as my NutriBullet was getting a little overworked and there may have been some smoke involved...). If you're interested, I'll happily write a review soon in case you're considering purchasing one. I've managed to convince my mum too and she couldn't be happier with her new purchase.
I'm really loving batch cooking too, mainly chilli/bolognese dishes which you can easily freeze and then leave in the fridge in the morning and just heat it up in the evening alongside a small sweet potato and some green vegetables, or even just on it's own with some tenderstem or half an avocado.
After a small bout of insomnia over the past few weeks, I've found creating a small raw cacao hazelnut hot chocolate before bed time works a treat. Full of antioxidants and vitamins and minerals, namely magnesium, this calms me down and takes me to the land of Bedfordshire before I know it.

What have you been loving lately? If you listened to Years & Years, do let me know so we can hopefully share a new love for them!



  1. I love King! The Green Goddess juice looks so nice too, will definitely be giving it a go x //

    1. Yay, I'm so glad to have found someone else who loves King! Let me know how you get on with the Green Goddess smoothie xx


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