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She's So Lucy // 2015 Goals

As I mentioned yesterday, it seems there's just something in the air that 2015 is going to be big. For me personally I will be turning 21 (if I don't go to Vegas this year to see Britney and have the full Vegas experience, I will be heartbroken), and I'm also hopefully graduating from University. I hate resolutions and resolutions posts as they really are all the same, despite every effort made to ensure they're really original.
Instead I'd like to share with you some goals I aim to have achieved by the end of 2015 ('that's a resolution', I hear you cry. Ssh).

To be able to drive
By now most people my age have been driving for several years and have already moved onto a slightly better car. I, however, never found myself to follow the tribe and spend most of my 17th year spending hundreds on driving lessons. However it's getting to the time in my life where I'm going to have to face the prospect of not being within an acceptable walking distance to work and driving would be the best option. I've now managed to envisage myself driving a black Mini and my life just being fabulous but hey, money.
Dream aside, it's definitely time to buckle down and get behind the wheel.

To graduate with a 2.1
Despite the fact I haven't particularly enjoyed my University experience (that's a story to tell on another day...) I really do hope I can work hard enough to achieve a 2.1 upon graduating. My degree may end up becoming totally useless and I'm fairly certain I won't actually go into the Film industry (I study Film), it will just feel incredible to graduate and know that I've worked hard to achieve a degree I'm proud of. Only 4 months to go, eek!

To be proud of my blog and YouTube!
Having waited so long to feel ready to start up my blog and YouTube, it hasn't exactly got off to the start I anticipated, and I think many keen new bloggers/'YouTubers' wish for it to be. Unfortunately life gets in the way and if anything, I've learnt that you need to be extremely well organised to run a blog or a YouTube channel, especially if you want to be heard in this crowded world! Now that my University time table has been reduced to 2 hours contact time a week (though, hello motivation to do work independently!), this does give me more time to have a blog/YouTube structure. I'll let you know shortly about what my plan is but I just hope to be able to feel proud of what I've achieved with my She's So Lucy world. I'm still finding my feet a bit as really my aim for the blog is to actually have more healthy lifestyle and beauty/skincare content with lifestyle thrown in. Currently it's a bit all over the place but who knows where things will take me... but I'm determined to make it all work!

To control my hormones and skin
After a rather frustratingly long waiting game, I was finally diagnosed with PCOS a few months ago. It was something I was always fairly confident I had it even though it wasn't exactly something I did want to have. It explains why I'm incredibly hormone sensitive - sugar in any quantity will almost always break me out in painful cystic acne around my chin which completely smacks my confidence in the face. Plus my hormones in general cause me quite a few difficulties. If anything, this is one of my biggest motivators in making the content for my blog and YouTube successful as I want to be able to help and educate others too and hopefully you'd like to join me on this journey of working out how to keep my hormones and skin more regular and balanced. By the end of 2015 I hope to have worked out a way to control these issues. Yes, Lucy, that does mean less salted caramel truffles and glasses of wine...

To get back into fitness
Once upon a time, only a couple of years ago, I was fitness mad. I mean, seriously die-hard, get up at ridiculous-o'clock and get to the gym/100s of squats a day/taking the longest walking route possible. Now that all slightly hints towards something else I hope to share later in the year however since quitting the gym in August (it was full of posers/ridiculously expensive/couldn't do anything/crap), my fitness levels have significantly dropped. I still walk EVERYWHERE, even carrying heavy shopping bags home in the pouring rain. However I'm just a bit soft and enough's enough and it's time to get serious about getting fit again. James and I are hoping to do tennis together soon which would be fun even though I know I'll be beyond pants. Plus seeing Anna going from total novice to fitness fanatic over the past year has left me feeling far too guilty slumped in bed and it's time to get up and get moving.
I'm not planning on joining a gym again but I reckon some FitnessBlender or Pilates videos on YouTube will do just the trick for me right now...

To control my money...better
People often question whether I'm a student or not considering the fact I just always seem to be spending and have such a nonchalant attitude towards my finances. It's time to properly get saving and stop wasting my money on things I don't actually need. I tend to buy clothes and then only wear them once or twice or give into the pressure of my favourite YouTubers who are banging on about a new beauty product launch that I just have to get.
If I'm going to get driving this year and even have a car, I need to keep a firmer eye on my bank account and put a good chunk of my wages away into savings. Plus, as I'm graduating in the summer it'll mean goodbye Mr Student Loan. In the next couple of years I hope to get on the property ladder too and with the way I'm currently spending my money, none of these things will become a reality anytime soon.

SO (deep breath) that's my plan for the year. Before I go, I ought to let you all know the plans for She's So Lucy. As of Monday the 5th January, there will be a blog post up every Monday, Thursday and Saturday, alongside a video on a Friday. This is only the plan for the foreseeable future and things may alter ever so slightly but the aim is to get at least three posts and one video up a week. Autumn/Winter was very heavy in terms of work and University work and although the next coming months probably won't be much different, this heavily affected my blog and YouTube which was so upsetting considering how eager I was to get everything up and running. Now that I've got a schedule, this will hopefully mean you'll be seeing my face quite a bit more!

That's enough for today but until Monday, have a fab weekend and I'll see you next week!


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