Sunday, 16 November 2014

YouTube and More

GOSH, I feel like despite having posted last Monday, my blog and YouTube has suddenly hit the back burner. Put it this way - I'm in my final year of University. In the next 3/4 weeks I need to have RESEARCHED and WRITTEN approximately 8,000 (it may sound doable to you but please be kind to me, I'm fragile right now); alongside do training for a position I'm in at work, then actually GO to work; I need to do blog planning, editing, posting yada yada yada AND the same with YouTube; plus go to Scotland for 5 days; PLUS film a video for work; PLUS just have a life and sleep and eat and drink wine.
Please, your sympathies would be nice right now.

Ok, I shouldn't complain. If you complain things will never get done. However, after ALL of this, come January when I'm solely focussing on my dissertation and work, it'll actually free up quite a bit of time meaning blogging and YouTubing should be much more regular.

With all that said and done, it's also come to my attention that I never tole my blog readers about my most recent YouTube videos (by recent I mean coming up to two weeks old but hey ho).
So first of all was my Topshop Haul...

Wild times were had, money was spent and clothes were held up to the camera as so is the norm these days on the internet.
Oh, and I wore a hat that made me look like Dumbo because I had no mirror. It wasn't my finest hour for those 15 seconds.

Next up came the time I met Florrie. I ADORE Florrie, this girl is one to watch and I know come January/February big things will be happening for her (bookmark me).
Anyway, she came to my University during a national Coffee House Tour and I got to meet her, find out when all her singles are coming out and her album is coming out, and just had a lovely chat with her. Basically, she was a babe and this was seriously one of the highlights of my year, maybe even life, is that sad?! GO check out her music.

Now, I have got some ideas of what's to come but as I mentioned, time is of the essence and I am doing my utmost to get filming time in and blogging time in.
I've got the beginnings of a video and blog series I'm calling Cookbook Corner, though the name may change.... Plus it's my goal to get a tripod and just film some cooking videos for you all!
Time and money are like gold dust in this world....

Enough from me, how are you?
Enjoy these videos if you haven't watched them already and I'll be back shortly....


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