Monday, 20 October 2014

INDULGE: Dirty Burgers at GPT

One early Autumn evening, James and I decided to try out somewhere totally new for an INDULGE evening. GPT is a Smokehouse just down the road from us and describes itself as a "vibrant, dynamic venue with a focus on great, locally sourced food". Sounds alright to us.

It was a fairly quiet evening when we took a visit. We were immediately struck by the quirky interior and the intimacy of the place. Filled with large, cosy leather sofas and a circus-esque bar, it felt totally the vibe we were after.

With a glass of wine in hand and we were prepared to get dirty (Not Christina Aguilera Dirrty, pardon you). This was a 'go hard or get the hell out of here' type menu and we were up for it.
Starting with sticky, smoky, sweet chicken wings...

That homemade aïoli was to die for!

The owner was impressed with our efforts. He knew what was coming though as not long after we were presented with the "GPT Smokehouse dirty burger with American cheese, smoked bacon, skinny fries, aïoli and house slaw". Oh, we were ready....
It was a BEAST. We squished down the mountain and got burger juice trickling down our fingers with every mouthful. This may have been a beast but it tasted like a beauty.
Look at all that delicious pulled pork.
If you're in the Bath area, get down to GPT as this is by far the best burger I've had in the city. 
Messy, juicy, sticky, sloppy - everything you need a burger to be.

Now I don't know how but despite our food babies ready and waiting to go into labour, this happened......
 We shared, OK? This was an indulgent evening after all...

As I mentioned, if you're from Bath, in the area or even know someone from Bath, you must visit. It's a 5-10 minute walk from the city centre but totally worth avoiding the hustle and bustle Bath evenings are. GPT is a real gem and knowing it's just down the road from us gives us all the more reason to make a visit a regular occurrence.

On a final note, INDULGE is a feature I'm going to be bringing to She's So Lucy. I'm a massive advocate for healthy, nutritious eating however HEALTH means to allow yourself those indulgent moments when you do allow yourself to eat things that may not be so green and wholesome, nutritionally speaking. If you're eating well the majority of the time, there's nothing wrong with treating yourself to some a burger. And some wine. And, um, some chicken wings. Oh what was that? A brownie too? Ah yes, almost forgot that one!
So whilst there'll be a lot of delicious, nutritious moments, there'll also be the moments when I just need to INDULGE!


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  1. That looks so delicious! Love the idea of having an indulge feature, I really couldn't agree with you more on that, we all need some balance with a few treats!


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