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Finding A Healthy Balance

She's So Lucy // Finding A Healthy Balance

Finding a healthy balance has got to be one of the hardest aspects on your quest for good health. However this doesn't just include learning when it's time for Jaffa Cakes instead of Oat Cakes. A healthy balance revolves around you entire being, your entire life being balanced and at one with each other (excuse me, but you may now call me Buddah, ha).

1. Planning
I don't know about you but all the while being spontaneous can be fun and adventurous, I fns if my life isn't planned, spontaneity ends up being one big stressful and confusing mess. 
Planning your weekly meals can be a great start, however if you're someone, like me, who never knows what they want for dinner tonight, let alone next Friday, it's best to start off planning your day and then building on from there. This way, you know when you should be eating meals all the while living your life and doing daily tasks. 

2. Allow yourself treats!
INDULGE! Eating a massive burger or a brownie or having dessert is not going to kill you. Sometimes I find that if I fancy a cookie or brownie, if I make them myself then I don't feel as guilty about eating them as I know exactly what's gone into them.
Accepting that eating something that's considered 'naughty' is actually OK everyone in a while will make you feel much better than refusing to eat those things and potentially even result in bingeing. This leads me onto....

3. Having an 80/20 diet
You've heard it all before but for me, after all I've been through with my eating, I've learnt that this is the best way to eat. As long as you're eating really well the majority of the time, there's nothing wrong with indulging every once in a while. It really, really won't matter. If you're trying to lose some weight, potentially 90/10 will help you to see results quicker but weight loss should be a pretty slow and steady process, though it all depends on what works for you.
So, if you're eating delicious nutritious foods all week with the odd occasion once or twice during the week when you feel like having dessert or having a glass of wine, CHILL OUT, you won't have gained loads of weight all of a sudden and most likely you won't feel as guilty about having those treats either.

4. Fill yourself with goodness
Get the best ingredients you can possibly find and afford and just fill yourself up (within reason) with those. Lots of leafy green vegetables, eating vegetables seasonally (I see you, butternut squashes), drinking lots of water.... Fill your fridge and cupboards with goodness and then you'll know that whenever you're hungry, there's only going to be nutritious foods in your body.

5. Portion control
This is something I've really had to buckle down on in more recent months. I decided to weigh out my porridge properly on some weighing scales and realised I was actually having DOUBLE the amount I should be having and I'd been convincing myself I was having. Since then, I don't feel horrifically bloated in the morning after my breakfast and my clothes feel looser, and I just feel all around better. Sometimes you do need to be quite pernickety and measure things out properly or write everything you've eaten down. You'd be surprised! Fat is great for you, and as much as I love avocado, having half an avocado is more than enough so make sure you don't go overboard with it. Too much of anything is a bad thing...

6. And finally, don't compare yourself
We're in an age now where everything is so readily available, with social media and blogging. There are Instagram accounts and communities out there that are dedicated to healthy lifestyles, raw and vegan lifestyles, fitness accounts and so on. It can be so easy to look at these accounts and compare yourself to them and really get yourself down as to why you're not 'as good' as them. You are you. Do things your own way because whatever works best for you is right for you. All of the advice I've just given may be totally irrelevant to you. 
Just because one person is reaching their 'goals' or supposedly feels better about themselves because they live their life a certain way (and remember, online you're only seeing a snap shot of someones life, we don't know the real deal) doesn't mean that whatever you're doing isn't right.
The balance can get messed up this way and cause you to just become confused. 
Focus on yourself and what works best for you and everything else will fall into place.


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  1. Indulging myself happens far to regularly ;) Great piece!

    Josie XOXO
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