Thursday, 2 October 2014

A trip back home

As I mentioned in my previous post, I recently decided to go back home for a few days to see my friends and family. My summers mostly consist of me having to stay at work not only because they need me there but also in order to simply afford my rent. This then unfortunately means I barely get to see my mum, brother, dog and friends, sob.

So, on the rare occasion that I was back in town I made it my priority that I met up with my favourite ladies. As most of my friends now have all moved away for University, it's difficult for us all to meet up on a regular basis so this was one gigantic catch up.
 I always experience rather mixed feelings when I return to Winchester. I went to school and college in Winchester and didn't have the happiest of memories there however I do appreciate that despite that, it is a rather lovely city.
 Louise and Izzy insisted that we came to Nicola's Tea Shop for some lunch and what we do best, a good old gossip!
I tucked into a fish finger sandwich, my favourite if I'm up for a bit of a treat lunch (though nothings compares to my Dad's). We discussed everything from boys to blogs, work and university and just a good old general catch up.

Later that evening, Katie, Louise and I all went to visit our friend Maya for the last barbecue of the year and caught up with other old school-friends too.


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