Sunday, 28 September 2014

Before I go to sleep...

Yes, yes that is chocolate before bed. Naughty I know. In my defence, I only had two and oh my they were delicious.
These were a little treat from James and he knows me too well to know that despite my dark chocolate preaching ways, anything caramel is my weakness and the key to my heart (dark chocolate AND caramel however = different story).

Tomorrow is my first day back at University for my third and final year. I suppose it's bittersweet. I have hated every single moment of University, or rather mainly my experience as a student. If you go back to my first post on the blog, you'll understand. My University course, though not the most classically academic, is still quite bloody hard and actually rather interesting.
The end line is in sight, I've seen my last deadline will be the 5th May (MADNESS) and so all the while I'm so ready for it all to be over and I can finally get on with my life, I'm still dreading the whole workload and how I'll juggle my whole life alongside it.

Right, now time for me to get snuggled, watch some YouTube and sleep away into the next week.

See you all tomorrow, my next YouTube video should be live tomorrow too....

Lucy xxx

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