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Bills, Bath

Bills, Bills, Bills.

When Bill Granger's quirky, cosy restaurant came to Bath last summer, it felt like all my Christmases and birthdays had come at once. Now, it's a firm favourite restaurant of mine in Bath, with an ever changing menu, full of delicious comforting, wholesome dishes and just the best desserts.

My Dad and Step-Mum decided to give James and I a visit in Bath and knowing my Dad is a big foodie too, I knew Bills would be the perfect place to take him (he was very pleased when I told him I'd booked a table!)

Now lets rewind a bit...
The sun was shining and we had pretty much the entire day before Dad and Jackie arrived. I chucked on my favourite Topshop Leigh jeans (yes, everyone and their dog owns these jeans but I promise I got there first! They are nice though, aren't they?)
We decided to have a quick Cappucino and cake pitstop before hand so stopped off at Boston Tea Party and chose a slice of the thickest Millionaire's Shortbread I have ever seen.
She's So Lucy // Bill's Bath Review
She's So Lucy // Bill's Bath Review
Look at that caramel, told you it was thick! 

Off we popped then, rubbing our tummies with content and took a lovely long stroll along the river Avon for a few hours.

James was a tad nervous about meeting my Dad for the first time but once I had reassured him for the umpteenth time, the first meeting all went smoothly. We all sipped our wine/g&t/beers, exchanging gifts and got the conversation flowing whilst we eyed the menu.
She's So Lucy // Bill's Bath Review
She's So Lucy // Bill's Bath Review
Bills is colourful and vibrant, with highly stacked shelves of exclusive produce that you can purchase as part of a hamper or a little gift to yourself. From chutneys, lemonades, jams, jars of sweets, Prestat truffles and exclusive Bills bars of chocolate, plus much more, the glistening bottles and wrappers certainly add to the homely feel of the restaurant. 

I'm almost always placed right at the front by the window when I come to Bills, watching passers by stop and gaze adoringly at our meals in front of us, however I'd actually try and opt for one of the little booths as it adds to the intimate feel of the place.

She's So Lucy // Bill's Bath Review
She's So Lucy // Bill's Bath Review
My father, James and I all opted for the fish fingers and tartare sauce whilst Jackie sipped on her Gin & Tonic. The fish fingers were more like chunky cod bites, warm and meaty with a fresh and zingy tartare sauce - highly recommended!

After much deliberation, our mains arrived (honestly, Mr Granger, please make it more difficult to choose from your menu...!).
She's So Lucy // Bill's Bath Review
She's So Lucy // Bill's Bath Review
I opted for the Steak after James raved about it back when we visited together for the first time on New Years Eve (the same day James and I properly got together, adorable, fyi). It really was delicious, perfectly cooked at medium-rare, melt in the mouth meat. Swapping regular fries for sweet potato fries was also a wise choice, Bills are pros with their sweet potato fries so always swap, no matter what.

James wolfed down his beer-battered cod (the boy loves his beer, OK). It really did look delicious, you can't beat a good portion of fish and chips, especially rustic, homemade style.

Now I'll admit, I cannot for the life of me remember what my Dad and Jackie chose, I want to say the pork chop - at least one of them had it. James chose this when we came for my birthday earlier in the year (I told you I came here a lot!) and he can once again vouch that it takes a worthy place on the Bills menu.

I quickly wolfed down the Bills Eton Mess (just the best Eton Mess ever, during the winter they do a passionfruit version which is out of this world), we had to quickly run off to watch a play at the Theatre. 

Bills will probably come up again numerous times on the blog as it really is one of the best places in Bath. There are a handful of other branches in the UK, namely Brighton and Covent Garden but take a look at the website to see where your closest Bills is.


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