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The Pig, Brockenhurst

She's So Lucy // The Pig, Brockenhurst New Forest Review

Normally when it comes to restaurants for a birthday i our family, it's usually just a simple local pub that makes delicious, home cooked meals. However we'd decided that things had gone a little down hill and it was time to start something different.

The Pig is situated in the heart of the New Forest, nestled away in amongst windy roads and dark, leafy, old trees. Admittedly my mother and I held our breath as her little car bounced up and down over the dumpy path. However eventually we found ourselves gasping, eyes wide at the sight of the large manor house straight ahead of us. It perfectly depicted the stereotypical images presented of fabulous, grand English homes in the countryside. We parked our car and the ground crunched underneath us as we walked eagerly up to the front door.
She's So Lucy // The Pig, Brockenhurst New Forest Review
She's So Lucy // The Pig, Brockenhurst New Forest Review
We were greeted by friendly looking staff, taking our coats and offering us the choice of which room to wait in and have a drink and some nibbles in before our table was ready. We chose to wait by the bar, so we snuggled into the large leather arm chairs and took our drinks orders.

I can't specifically remember the name of mine, it was a form of a champagne cocktail with peachy undertones and was scrumptious! My mum played safe and had a lovely glass of fizz. We were also offered a small bowl of honey roasted nuts which we happily chomped on as we glazed over the menu...
She's So Lucy // The Pig, Brockenhurst New Forest Review
She's So Lucy // The Pig, Brockenhurst New Forest Review
Now, if I could link you to a Sample Menu I would. It's terrible, I know, but if I know where I'm going to eat I almost always look at the Sample Menu and choose my order before I've even arrived. Kind of takes the fun out of even going in the first place but I can't help it, I get excited!
However with The Pig, because the food is seasonal and all depends on what the hotel's produce is at that current time, there is no sample menu to have.

My eyes lit up when I saw all of the delicious options before me. From the Piggy Bits (little tapas type plates), to the weekly specials, I had no idea where to begin!
She's So Lucy // The Pig, Brockenhurst New Forest Review
We decided to have a selection of the Piggy Bits to begin with, choosing The Pig's crackling and apple sauce; Bartlett's mini salami and chorizo sticks; and The Pig's crispy lardo and chilli sauce. Oh my word, every single thing was just divine. My mouth is salivating just thinking back to it and seeing the pictures. It's difficult to choose a standout, perhaps the crackling? No, no the crispy lardo? I can't! The salami and chorizo sticks were sort of like posh versions of those salami sticks you have in your lunchbox when you're 6 but one hundred times nicer.

We happily delved into each of the Piggy Bits (I love their name for these little plates!) and sipped away at our wine. We were situated in the conservatory style room, which was had a beautiful tiled floor and all the furnishings felt well lived in and homely.
With The Pig, you do need to book well in advance as when we visited on a Monday early afternoon, it was full. The sun was nicely warming as it shone through the glass roof and the atmosphere was very relaxed and calm.
She's So Lucy // The Pig, Brockenhurst New Forest Review
Now, onto our mains...
She's So Lucy // The Pig, Brockenhurst New Forest Review
After much deliberating, my mother settled on the Goat's cheese salad which she practically licked the plate clean, whereas I went for, now wait for it.... The South Coast Hake & The Pig's Chorizo which came with a delicious butter bean purée, cockles and crispy garlic. It was perfect, all the flavours worked in perfect harmony with one another and well, it's definitely one of those dishes that stays in your mind forever as a well loved meal. I had one happy tummy afterwards.
She's So Lucy // The Pig, Brockenhurst New Forest Review
She's So Lucy // The Pig, Brockenhurst New Forest Review
Despite quite comfortably full tummies we felt we couldn't say no to a little desert so told our bellies to make some room as we were served a lovely little plate of 'Piggy Fours'. Gettit? This consisted of a sort of coconut ice slice which if I remember correctly contained slivers of pistachio? Then a rich-nutty-fridgecake-slash-rockyroad-slash-tiffin-slash-chocolatething and finally a mini 'ice cream cone' with a PERFECT meringue top with a coffee ice cream in the centre on the wafer cone. My mum insisted I finished her bits off, whilst I sipped on a fresh leaf peppermint tea to de-bloat and finish the lunch off.

The Pig is well worth the waiting list and the price, and in fact, the price was pretty reasonable for two with drinks included. The service was impeccable and the staff were so well informed and friendly too. If you're in the New Forest area, definitely try and book a stay at The Pig, they even offer bed and breakfast with their beautiful rooms. If you've got time also take a look at their gardens and greenhouses where they grow their produce.
There are plenty of other hotels that are popping up, mainly around the South/South West are with most recently The Pig near Bath (hooray for me!).

Now, when can I go back...

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